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    Hi All, just thought you’d like to know Xenia will be at the Pasadena Creation Con March 26th through 28th. She will be signing autographs and generally saying Hi. Wish I was in California….


    Yeah, tell me about it. I also heard that she is going to Aussie land later this spring.


    Yep, she’s going to Aussieland and New Zealand. I’d sure love to see New Zealand before I go to the protein bank.


    Wow, nwmonikr,
    That’s great news; I just wish I was in Southern CA during that time. But as I’m not, I’ll call a friend of mine to see if he can get me an autograph; since I don’t live in Southern CA, I’ll have to wait till she comes up here or at a convention that I’m attending in order to meet her.

    I feel for you 2; & since CA’s a big state, others might think it’s just Southern CA that’s all of CA. That’s not true; I live in the North-Central part of CA, near Sacramento. The Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, etc) is about a 3 hr or so drive from me; & Southern CA (LA, Pasadenda, etc) is about an 8-12 hr drive from where I live. In other words, that part of CA is not close by from where I live; I thought I’d clear that up for folks who don’t live in the state of California.

    Xenia Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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