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    How many of you are looking forward to the next Dr Who? I’ve just seen the promo, another appearence by our favourite pepper-pot shaped Xenocidal war machines, Daleks! (Hides behind sofa)

    I’m not sure how it is going to work as I remember the words:

    Your race is dead, you burned all of you, 10 million ships on fire, the entire Dalek race wiped out in 1 second, I watched it happen, I made it heppen!

    Well he can’t have done a good job of it. And another thing, are Daleks running reality TV? maybe they are in the offices of the BBC now, <shudder/>


    Reality TV show with robots! Yeah I saw that, can’t wait till next week!

    Have you also been really impressed with Dr Who this season? If so, is it because in some ways it reminds you of LEXX…. the retro sci fi feel, the humour and now a preview of an episode which looks amazingly like Lafftrak! (Lets just hope we get the two German bikini babes in this one!)


    Yeah, I gues I can see that whole thing, of course it is good to have a new Dr Who since I was raised on Dr Who reruns, though I can’t remember much of it, it still shaped (or is that warped?) my mind


    I think you guys are right who ever’s behind the new Dr Who must have watched Lexx – a lot! – remember the spider things in one of the early episodes (2 – I think) they sounded just like the ol’ bad carrots – and they had a plant woman! (not a patch on Lyekka though!).

    Gripes aside the show has been really good , far far better than the old Dr Who’s. Its a shame that both Piper and Eccleston are quitting….because I can’t quite see them finding anyone else as good….

    Suprised there’s not more interest in the show post wise.


    Well now i’ve seen all thirteen episodes of the new Doctor Who i can whole heartily give it the thumbs up in fact i think it’s one of the best things on the beeb in ages. Although i a a big fan of the old Doctor Who. so ok so the last few years of the old one was not as good but i feel that it was more down to the scripts. This time the scripts are good and i feel that the snippets of the following weeks episode were good. Especially up to the final two episodes which made you wish you had your own tardis and could go forward in time to the next week. It’s sad that Eccelston is not returning for the next series but i did read that piper was going to do all of series 2.
    Can’t wait could do with the return of the Master definitely one of the best baddies!!! 😆


    Yes it was a very good show, Much Much better than I expected it to be.

    Fingers crossed for the next series!

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