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    I thought it would be best to start a new thread addressing this specific subject. I figured people might pass up the Xev Q3A thread.

    I’m looking for Xev sounds. Not lines of dialogue, but good vocalizations. I have all the episodes on DVD and VHS. What I’m looking for are times when Xev was involved in some sort of action where she goes, “Ouch!” or “Ow!” or “Uhh”, etc. etc. Or maybe times when she gets thrown down or hit. Also, times when she’s screamed her clusterlizard scream.

    I need these sounds for the Xev videogame character I’m working on. None of the sounds can be actual words. Repeatedly hearing the same line over and over again each time you’re hit get’s VERY annoying VERY quickly.

    As far as spoken lines go, I’m also looking for something I could use as taunts. You know, “I’ll kick your butt!” or something like that. I’m sure there are plenty of times that Xev has said some really good, intimidating lines. But it’s late and I can’t think of any right now.

    Note that I don’t need anyone to send me any sound files. Just mention when and where you might remember the scene or episode. I can get the sounds myself.

    (Please stay on-topic? Thanxx. )


    Doesn’t she say “I’m going to snap you in two” and “I’m bad girl” in Little Blue Planet?


    I’ve been watching my new set of S2 DVD’s, making sure there are no skips before I send the pack with the missing DVD back, and figured I’d pick some out 4U. These are from the first 3.

    They’re in order of appearance. I’m listing a wide selection of phrases that might be good for a game, but may not work in JKII.

    Here they are:

    Clusterlizard of course, scream

    Luvliner: (After getting rid of Kai)

    You will pay!
    I’m heartbroken….
    Struggling noises: Fight Scene
    That’s a ride for you to remember!


    Two against one: In the moth
    Struggling noises: Xev on Specialty Show

    Stan’s Trial:

    I think we have a problem: (On the Bridge after Stan’s capture.)
    We have to save him: (Talking to Kai)

    Nope (on the bridge)
    Let’s stay close together (on the planet)
    How can we open this door?
    Maybe we should check out whatever’s up there first.
    Are you sure?
    Hmmm…. (much like Lara Croft)
    I could have sworn you were getting ideas.
    What a shame.
    It doesn’t look like much.
    Whatever’s in there must be very valuable.
    Be careful.
    How’s it going… where are you?
    Not so fast, loverboy, I’m still getting over the shock.
    Did I get it right?
    I’m here.
    What’s wrong?

    Wake the Dead:
    I’m a big girl.
    Bye, then!

    Hi, boys!

    What do you expect?
    Don’t be a hero.
    Are you alright?
    Don’t go far.
    We don’t have much time.
    Woo! (Shout of joy)
    Kissing noise.

    She hasn’t had many pithy sayings so far, besides “You will pay.”


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    (I’ve posted this in the Sci-Fi Artwork forum, but I’ll post it again here.)

    The beta version of the model is FINALLY ready! You can download it here:

    Just unzip it and place the xev3b1.pk3 file in the JK2 base directory. There is not bot or team support yet. And the sounds use ones already in the game. But I have implemented a clusterlizard scream taunt!

    Try it out! The folks over at Lexx.Com thought it was pretty cool.

    (You’ll need Jedi Knight II in order to play with her. Er, umm, yeah I meant to say that…)


    tee hee, Xev has a cute voice, she also reminds me of this freind I know

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