Xev WWII style pin-up

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    D’oh! I deleted the original post instead of editing the new address. I’m so used to deleting on another board it’s automatic.

    This is a Xev pin-up painted between season 2 and 3 when I heard she’d have longer hair and a bare middle. I painted it for someone who wanted a Xev based on the Alberto Vargas painting “Sheikdom”.

    Here is the thumbnail:

    and here is the file:



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    Well done!



    Very very cool

    {SadGeezer tries to hide hang-dog expression}


    Vargas would have been flattered.


    I just spent $40 on a book called The Great American Pin-up by Charles Martignette, who has the largest collection of original Vargas paintings in the world, but I unseal it and open it up only to find that Vargas’s estate lawyers wouldn’t let him reproduce them because Vargas was better than just a pin-up painter. The only ones he could put in were the paintings owned by Esquire. I think his lawyers are cheapening his work by claiming he wasn’t a pin-up painter.

    Does anybody know Vargas for anything but Pin-ups? What exactly is WRONG with pin-ups? Is there something wrong with art that only says “here’s a pretty girl” or “look at this guy’s muscles”? I think Michelangelo would be more impressed with Vargas (and Flamegrape) than Picasso and Warhol, but that’s the kind of thinking that got me in trouble with art people in the first place.

    Had to vent…. but 10-Q 4 your kind comments.

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    Fantastic work Pet! I always thought that this kind of work was looked down upon as it was probably used for masturbation purposes by the armed forces, etc. On the contrary; I feel that an alluring woman that can bring a man to climax is a work of art due to the fact that the art caused an emotional response in it’s viewer – is that not the true definition of a work of art…..

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