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    mandara k

    I was dissin’ the webisodes, tis true, but as per the “other”bb’s here’s how to get the 1st fifteen minutes or so of the third season.

    Ya ready my little dumplins?

    Go to

    Then, go to BSG watch the full ep and more. it’s all the way down. under First Look.

    Do I like? I think they got slipped some bad LSD, gotta say it’s um…dark , yeah, pretty dark.

    I’m deciding whether or not its the stories or the new pic of RDM is freakin’ me out more.

    That man has aged 10 years in 3 years; talk about booze pounding, the tell tale red nose never lies.

    Um um um *shakes her head and clicks her tongue in sympathy*

    Gotta go. Enjoy.


    Stupid, thinking us Canadians can’t handle the content?

    mandara k

    Sorry honey, ya know skiffy doesn’t think beyond the borders of the USA, idjits!

    Actually, I’m very restless, something is not right. Tragedy is close by, may be a frack party has a casuallty, tell them not to drink and drive. please, please please. something is wrong, really wrong, it’s not the no.s, this season will succeed only if the message needs to be heard, I leave my bias toward skiffy and those of the show out of this. It will continue if the message needs to be heard, out of my hands.

    Nonononono, 😥 and i am crying, there is something wrong.

    Sh&*!!! I cannot afford another sleepless night, not now, being sick and all, but it won’t let me until manifests Damn it !

    Might as well make some tea, I’ll be up, may be I’ll write more for my short becoming long story.

    Damn Damn DAMN!!!

    mandara k

    I’m better now, I did throw up though. That’s never happened before.

    Anywho, the first act, did you see it?

    Spoilers away!!!!!

    I kept thinking, well it was different, yeah… the only part that stuck out was the Kara dinner.

    After i watched it I thought, well of those strange relationships couples somehow have and the movie Sleeping with the Enemy meets Silence of the Lambs.

    Then I got punchy: like …How are the Cylons like your friend in the third grade lunchroom?

    because both dealt with pain and neck. One was a pain in the neck, one got one.

    No, Leoben didn’t stick carrots up his nose (too bad, it would lighten the mood) and i was really waiting for that 😈 😛 . And then she stabbed him in the neck!

    Ya get the feeling she’s tried everything to get away from this guy, you know push him out a window, running him over with a car, and scream” die motherfracker die!” There’s 50 ways to leave your lover ya know. Neck stabbing is right before cutting off his ^&*s.

    You know nice guys who are control freaks are a pain in the neck, I mean cutting the meat into chewable pieces, I’m not a toddler. ” I made this nice meal and you stab me in the neck. I’d be “look Martha, I’d didn’t ask to be here, and feck your resurrection lecture, but i don’t like wimps that have to drug girls to make them stay.”

    What did I think of Ellen fracking Cavil? Hey she likes old guys, hope they have Viagra on New Caprica, I guess it answers the question where Cylon males can get it up, or she’s good at the fakeroo O. “OH baby your hardware is so… so shiny. I wonder if it’s cold like the chair he moved around. Do i like her now? Well yeah, that’s the point, like her before you kill her. And what’s up with the tanning booth for prison, “I’m so bright I need to wear shades.” What is all that about?

    This is what happens in this type of occupation scenario, right down to the last crossed T, you collaborate to get what you want; few can live by principles, but some can 😛 😉

    Blowing up the ship, old drama usage, the fuse that won’t light or malfunctioning equipment. The low part of it all.

    Nice music though.

    And the Adama hissy fit, good. But Hasbro will never give your money back 😛 😆

    mandara k

    I keep thinking 1.9 1.9 1.9.

    Now I can sleep.

    Nighty night

    mandara k

    Oh and because the lovely fur ball has a hard time keeping her mouth shut, that will be 3 months of silence for you.

    You can listen to her, if her reasoning is sound, by all means do so, but if it is motivated by “love” (which in this case is not love but possesiveness; you are being coveted) then it is not sound reasoning.

    She is your chosen bow, you are her arrow, if her bowstring is not strong or she cannot point in the right direction, you as the arrow will go nowhere. This is her function, this is yours. You cannot do both, controlling someone is not an equal love, nor is chasing after them. She will chase after you trying to catch up intellectually, and socially, but her understanding is juvenile. In your face mouth is cute in youth but becomes nagging as the “energetic” child spends years of battling and being let down when not getting what she wants. All of us know of a petulant child who is constantly saying look at me, I’m up on affairs, look at me, he’s all mine, look at me, look at me, look at me.

    No, I don’t want to, I have my own life to tend to, have a wondrous experience in yours: may be we’ll meet in the afterlife when you won’t be so concerned with the “look at me” and more with the “walk and talk with me as a person without form and no need to satisfy an ego I shed at death”

    mandara k

    Well I overshot the mark but close!

    Oh yeah. 1.8HH, 2.2 million people.

    Oh yeah, uh huh, mk is in the house, woot woot!

    I guess I kinda thought that 100,000 people would stick with it.

    Well, ask Hurley, numbers can mess with ya.

    And then we got Mr. Tolerance AD . Yeesh, what a hypocrite, but well it doesn’t matter, cause I’m here 😮 😀

    and he’s far away from me!

    mandara k

    Dodododod, “strangers in the night” exchanging glances.

    Anyway, I’m not giving the blow by this week till later on the repeat, ’cause i’m busy.

    But the podcast? 😮 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Don’t copy me sweetie, that shows a lack of imagination and you’ll lose ’cause i can’t be copied.

    Yeash, I get what happens, yeah he’s an idiot for letting you listen, ’cause you waste your time and mine by doing it.

    Magazine flipping should be your only goal.

    The podcast was boring, hello, you really need to drink more scotch BEFORE you start.

    Is it the ep, I have it on in the background but have no motivation to watch, really but I have to keep my true peeps (and i take it Mr. and Mrs.Podcast don’t know a lot of people of difference) I guess worrying about who’s going to steal my man/my woman takes a lot of time.

    As if…. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    My taste run to darker men, sorry. yeah, dark meat is better 😈

    1.6 is the no this week if not lower. “cause the ep moves nowhere just as the podcast moves nowhere.

    Yeah, later on I’ll remove my shirt. get comfy, and take you through what’s the name of the ep? Ooh Exodus part 1.

    Later… I’ve got arrangements to make 😉 size does matter, frak a swirl, or a hamster for all I care; I’ve got something that keeps me hot.

    mandara k

    Oh and lady, you may have him physically, but his mind is with a blonde.

    mandara k

    Like I said I’m not watching the ep till later may be not at all if I get my way.

    Men, I need to mind meld with thee, then you’d understand your role in my life which is basically shut up and take your pants off.

    I got everything else i need.

    If given an opportunity I would invite the “man” to come here ’cause what happens here stays here, you can have as many tasty co-eds as your stamina can stand but not at my place, but I’ll take you where the action is and watch you try. Then once giving you that, you will be able to have dialogue with me. Not before.

    How funny it’s the ED commerical, talk about timing!

    I’ve got timing baby, in spades.

    But there is that person on your shoulder watching you don’t play around.

    Let me tell you that never works, if they want to stray, they’ll stray.

    I accept that.

    That’s why i don’t get tied down, but i don’t mess with those attached to vows.

    “shut yer frackin’ mouth.” make me, little man or his backup.

    What will you come up with, something obscure i said months ago?

    ZZZZZZZ please that was then this is now, keep up, will you.

    Reminds me of that REM song, “Losing my Religion” which is now ….pagan?

    All Hallow’s Eve is important to pagans.

    mandara k

    OOkay, I’m tough on them, yeah, ya have to get them past this “trust” issue phase.

    My true hope is they live through the adolescent phase and forge something lifelong, that takes time.

    Now I’m sure I’ll be hearing a silly voice, just to take pot shots.

    😆 😥 😛

    Difference makes the world such an exciting place. Except some people don’t have class enough to look at my comments as a help and not a “take away from them”.


    I’m more of a sister, not a rival. Can you get that at all?

    Any way let there be a lesson in it, let it be spread thoughout the mind, not to impose personal bias on universal themes.

    I’m just a insignificant, with typing fingers 😉

    But woe to you if it gets in the way of another’s seeking, they will curse you and not love you. May be not now, but they will.

    I can hear it now, “if i only knew”

    Coulda shoulda woulda.

    This song is old to me.

    Just be there if and when the bottom drops out, but leave him free to explore.

    Hold on loosely, hon.

    That is all.

    mandara k

    I watched it but i found my mind wandering to my grocery list.

    I think they could have condensed this into an hour and cut the buildup.

    The troops in the forest ploy that earned them so many fans last 2.5 is in full force. 🙄

    Give that a rest for the rest of season 3.

    um…. yeesh, the oracle was subpar, i knew she would be, and those idjits like at EW whose article I read, like the writers, did not do their homework about oracles. Yeah, they are supposed to be crazy!!!! um just because they don’t fit in the sphere of white, Starbuck’s coffee addicted control freaks doesn’t mean they are not valid.

    Crazy is driving talking with a cellphone attached to your ear.

    Crazy is caring more if a pair of jeans makes you look fat or if you should use rogaine or not while nukes are being tested in your world and having the UN slap their hands!

    This is a person that sees deeper than your mundane world okay? Cut her some slack. No, you’d rather have priests that violate children, or preachers who care more about passing the plate then leading a flock to understanding.

    Yeesh, shallow, and you wonder why the world is going to hell in a handbasket; Guess what Einsteins? it’s gonna get much worse before you see any relief and it will continue nonstop once it gets rolling until you get off the fracking red carpet and realize why you are on this planet in the first place.

    It’s learning to quiet the mind enough so it tells you what you need to know, not your desires, not your hubris, not your bias toward anyone or ideologies,;it’s getting out of your own way.

    You pepole are like the French AND the Brits who both wanted to burn Joan of Arc: visionaries and seers are treated like thus, and then the mainstream, after the ashes have cooled say, “what have we done?”

    You sowed a world of hurt, that’s what ya done, for you, your children and your children’s children.

    So get your head out of your rears and clean out your ears. 😡

    Hmm, another shot across some bows? For some yes, it’s time for that.

    mandara k

    Oh, and if YOU (and I know you are reading this) tell your network bosses to knock it off, I HATE and i mean HATE ass kissing. The crane?pulleese.

    I’m going with ABC because you don’t have common decency, and can’t keep your mouth shut or for that matter anyone close to you.

    Especially a person that says “I’ve seen this show up to 11 and it’s good “yet fails to understand the intricacies of Sixes. i don’t believe it.

    I think Sandra Bullock from Crash everytime she opens her mouth; an “America’s sweetheart” that is definitely flawed in the tolerance department.

    You want more? Keep your mouth shut about what is given to you and watch. I’m sorry for what must happen, but it’s time for stricter measures.

    I’ve pulled punches with you before, but I can’t afford to do it anymore.

    You shouldn’t have unpacked.

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