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    mandara k

    An old adage is "how you sow you shall reap"


    Picketing uni/ sci-fi for months and having one’s face plastered trying to deliver pencils can lose podcasts and softwear problems as well as a lack of true caring for fans that don’t buy advertisers goods.


    Or didn’t they tell you that? Of course that can’t totally blow off the creators and fans, that would be bad business sense; it’s the little things that kill.


    Reminds of a line from Mudd’s Women "… or haven’t you thought of that?"

    I mean, think about it, they can’t do anything really proven in a court of law to get a little back from that bloody nose, but they can spin it as creatively as viewing numbers.


    And they, the sci-fi crew, is doing you a favor, if you start sneaking slandering my words, like this ep does even in it’s ads, lightening is gonna hit more times than out of the dark sky; they got your back in a convoluted way.

    I just wanted to show how some things work and to tell you to knock it off; you’ll not be using my words EVER again, scotch breath, you understand or do you need an etch-a sketch drawing, pie chart or bar graph?


    That is all.


    Would you please explain yourself? This rant is meaningless without background information to set up the reason for it.

    What has torqued you out of frame?



    mandara k

    Sorry, I can’t explain this in a few lines and  in an open forum….Foot in mouth


    Saddie you can remove this thread, and good posting all, especially you b, okay?


    *Note to self*


    Post spleen on other blog.


    Enjoy the series.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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