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Bender is a robotic bending unit. But more importantly he’s the Planet Express’s chef and best friend to Fry. He’s sarcastic, blunt, thieving, alcoholic, scamming, lying, dishonest, harsh, cruel, sadistic, opportunistic, greedy…

If you were to see Bender in a pub, he’d be drinking, a lot. it doesn’t matter what kind of liquor, he’d drink anything, and lots of it. And he’d try to walk out before paying his bill.

If he has to pay, it’ll be with the money that was lifted out of your wallet! Bender was once a loyal, respectable robot. He worked as a bending unit in a factory that produced girders. When he learned his creations were used in suicide booths, he couldn’t live with himself, and set off to kill himself in one of the suicide booths. Ironic much? Along the way he befriended Fry, and started a new life with his human friend. But not before helping him escape from the authorities. During the escape, Bender walked into a light socket and electrocuted his central processor, perverting his programming into the cantankerous, thieving Bender we have today.

Bender is a selfish, thief who can best be described as a sociopath. Which is sorta implied since robots have no emotions nor a conscious. While I wouldn’t want to be around the robot in real life, he makes a great character to watch. He’s constantly finding ways to make money (legally), slack off and more often then not (illegally) acquire more money. For Bender, it’s all about the Nixons! His passion is cooking. Which is strange because he has no tastebuds.

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He adores Elzar the cook, and seeks to emulate him. Too bad his concoctions are inedible at best, and trice deadly at worst. Believe it or not, his cooking has improved over the four seasons, and he hasn’t been fired, so it can’t be that bad. Well yeah it can…

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