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Philip J Fry is a 20th Century leftover, slacker and delivery boy for Planet Express.Philip J Fry is a 20th Century leftover, slacker and delivery boy for Planet Express. When not sitting on his ass watching TV, he can be found on a suicidal delivery mission, or hitting on Leela.

If you were to see Fry in a bar, he’d be drinking beer. Most likely a bud, but any crap American beer will do fine. He’d be surrounded by “friends”, each making coarse jokes at his expense.

Fry originally hails from the 20th century like most of us. He had a dead end job as a delivery boy, a girlfriend who cheated on him, and generally nothing to look forward too. All that changed one day when he accidentally froze himself during a crank pizza delivery.

He awoke a thousand years later in the future of New New York City.He met up with his last living relative, his great x30 grand nephew Professor Farnsworth and began working for him as… a delivery boy. Some people just can’t win. His job can be described as suicidal at best. Luckily he works with his two best friends Bender and the ship captain Leela, who try not to get him killed that often.

Leela is the love of his life. Despite getting space babes without trying (and chicks with two eyes), he always strikes out with her. It seems the more he tries the more he fails. Fry has literally moved the stars in the heavens for her (Time Keeps on Slipping). Said stunt got Leela to marry him. But because of time fluxuations, no-one could remember why they got married, and they got divorced soon afterward. Fry’s love for Leela has been a driving force in the young slacker’s life.
Fry is roommates with Bender a robot. Fry lives in Bender’s closet which is actually a nice sized room. The two get into all sorts of trouble, usually on purpose. Oddly enough, Bender has been his one true friend in all his life. yeah his life sucked! When not raising robot hell, they can also be found slacking off at work, or mooching off their other friends,
As it turns out, Fry’s accidental freezing wasn’t an accident after all. The Nibblonians, engineered it so that Fry would be sent a thousand years to the future so that he could one day defeat the Brain Spawn.

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Fry has an immunity to their debilitating delta brain waves. His brain is shut off in certain areas… As a matter of fact nibbler puches Fry into the cyro-machine when he leaned backward. Fry traveled back in time and had the option to prevent this from happening, but he decided that he liked it better in the 31th century, and made sure he got frozen again. Why is only Fry immune from the deadly delta waves you ask? Because he’s his own grandmother! In All’s Well that’s Roswell, Fry accidentally travels back in time and has sex with his grandmother, fathering his own father! It’s a complicated episode. It won an Emmy, good stuff, you should watch it, it’ll all make a lot more sense.

Fry has adjusted well to 31st century life. He’s done all the things he’s ever wanted to do as a 20th Century child, like have a robot friend, walk on the moon, work on a spaceship. His met aliens, slept with their women, chugged their beers, and conquered their worlds.

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