SadGeezers – Almost Back

As you can see, the site has changed quite a bit. We’ve updated the website and moved from the awful Drupal content management system to the much nicer WordPress.

We have also moved from our rip-off and miserable hosting provider, Siteground who were putting such a squeeze on our ability to deliver performance that on the end, the SadGeezers Guides need to be archived.

We’re hoping you like the new layout, it’s fun but we have had to say goodbye to much of the stupendously awesome magic of Mike Beddall who has helped promote the site with his wonderful artwork for nearly 20 years! There will still be a lot of his stuff it about (particularly in the SadCasts), just not as much as we would like.

The theme we have decided to use is rather complex but fun and it’s called Puzzles. We are adapting it to our own peculiar style (as much purple and turquoise as possible (honest!) but trying to keep to the cool design and functionality where we can.

Oh yeah, we will have completed the work of moving in the first week in June. You shouldn’t notice any difference in accessing the main page, but the main menu will be completely different. We’re hoping that it’ll be more fun to explore.

There will be a help screen set up to guide you through the new features and fun bits, but hopefully the move wont cause you any bother.

We decided to keep the forum posts (some of which are nearly 20 years old!) because of the perspective of views of our members as some of the classic TV sci Fi shows were being aired for the first time. We thought it might be fun to keep those opinions visible and at the same time have a place where fans could escape Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and still hang out with like minded science fiction fans. If you aren’t already a member of the forums, you are very welcome to register. We would particularly like to hear your views on any new shows, books or cool sci fi movies that you can recommend.

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As they say in the game Elite Dangerous, ‘See you in the Black’ (or at least in the purple ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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