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As part of the series on shows I need to check out, I thought it would be really useful to recommend a couple of shows that you should see when your watch-list begins to look alarmingly low.  These two shows are both foreign language and both fun/cool/sexy and at the same time have a great story.  I commend them for your viewing pleasure.

The Sniffer (Netflix)

2 seasons. Russian Sci Fi Crime Drama. A crime investigator uses his extraordinary sense of smell to solve a multitude of crimes, however his special talent comes at a personal cost.

The Sniffer (or Nyukhach as it’s known in Russia) was made in the Ukraine and is set in a Russian city – aggravation between the Ukraine and Russia had some unusual effects considering these people like similar TV.  Russian programmes are not allowed to be shown in  the Ukraine, but Ukrainian television programmes are allowed to be shown in Russia. I think that this is the reason for the ambiguity regarding the setting of the series.  Aside from that, this show is magnificent in all other respects, production values are huge!  Direction is faultless, acting – the dude deserves an Oscar! and ‘cool’ values are really high.  I’ll be reviewing this show soon and I warn you, it’ll probably be top five!

The Sniffer is played by the amazing Kirill Käro (erm… the pic above is his aspirational girlfriend). He is a consultant working for the police department and acts as a Sherlock Holmes type that can smell his way through crime-solving (as opposed to just the normal mundane advanced logic).  When reading the blurb about this on Netflix, I began watching it for it’s comedic value – it took me 5 minutes to get hooked! Lol, there is even an episode where the local press learn of his amazing ability and call him dog man!  Haha, maybe a new Marvel comics idea? (you heard it first here folks).

There are some cool characters too, his hysterical (not in a good way) ex-wife is pretty and scary as hell!  In fact the characterisation of the main players in the show is a blast!

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You’ll love it!

The Beauty Inside (Netflix)

1 season. Korean Sci FI Drama. The love story between a top actress and an airline director who each suffers an unusual phenomenon. He suffers from prosopagnosia, while every month she transforms into someone else for a week.

This is one of those Korean Drama shows that is jammed packed full of ludicrously attractive people!  Seriously, it’s the biggest problem with the show if you don’t speak Korean – you need to ogle AND read the subtitles.

The main lead character is a .…. lol do I say the female character or the male one – the show is that good, the lead could be both. Ladies first, ……… is a celebrity actor, model and all round precocious but drop dead gorgeous person.  The only problem in her charmed life, is that once per month (at seemingly the most awkward time), she turns into someone else!  Seriously!  It could be a little boy, old woman, fat man, thin girl she’s been ’em all!  Wadda blast!

The only person that can tell it’s her is the male lead.  He has face blindness and manages to recognize people by noting everything else about them and putting all those idents together.  It’s very tough for them both – and very entertaining for us.  Of course, they had to meet up and eventually it turns into a romance.

The supporting cast are amazing too.  Alas, they also, are too attractive.

If you have never watched a Korean Drama before, try this, it’s great!

I really hope you manage to try these shows out.  Please don’t be put off by the fact that you need subtitles to watch them, you will still love them!

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