Nowhere Man: Characters and Clues: Alyson Veil

Tom and loving wife Alyson (Megan Gallagher)

Thomas Veil’s loving and supportive wife, Alyson, is the reason he wants his life back, at first. But clues about her start to surface and she may not be who he believes her to be.

Tom finds files at Dr. Shayzin’s Advanced Biogenetics Laboratory which indicate she may be a product of CSM. He acquires photos of her kissing the man who ordered his erasure, she seems on good terms with Dr. Bellamy and she has the dreaded strawberry birthmark which seems unusually prevalent among members of the Organization.

But, considering the abilities of the Organization to control behavior and copy individuals, Tom can’t be sure if she knows what she is doing, or even if she is really his wife.

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