Nowhere Man: Science: Flash Regression

A method of memory triggering and enhancement used by the Organization to break particularly difficult subjects. Flash regression requires a controlled environment.

Phase one involves intramuscular injection of an unnamed Thomas Veil getting flashed.substance which renders the subject suggestible. (It’s possible this is a super-strength Meprobamate.) Phase two involves hypnotic suggestion and regression using an advanced hypnotic state brought on by particular refractions of light, the controller then ferrets out the most painful and deeply guarded emotional secrets. In phase three, the subject is allowed to traverse the environment and these selected memories are triggered by particular objects and flashes of light.

The goal is to regress subjects’ memories and force them to cooperate or relive their most traumatic experience repeatedly until they are broken beyond repair. A controlled environment is the most crucial component to Flash Regression. If the subject is removed from the immediate area, any flash of light can trigger an unsuggested memory and render the project useless.

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