Oh no! The Good Place will end after Season 4!

It was announced via Twitter (by the series creator Michael Schur) that one of NBC’s coolest comedy shows will end after 4 seasons. Since we have only just completed a very popular and enjoyable 3rd season, what gives?

Apparently, the writers thought it would be a good thing to end the show on their terms and they considered the best time would be after the 4th season.

The Good Place will end after Season 4!d with the concept thinking that they couldn’t keep up the pace. Personally, I thought the writing team would have been a little more bullish.

The magic 100 episodes number for a TV show has almost gone from TV station management these days. Streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix don’t care how long a series is as their viewers aim to binge watch wherever possible. Only a few years ago, there was a target of 100 episodes to ensure syndication. This later dropped to around 88 and lately, the magic target seems to be 4 seasons – apparently this denotes quality and ‘repeatable’ value to TV networks.

Scepticism aside, I thought this show was a lot of fun with an innovative concept. It was well acted with characters that were easy to watch. I’ll miss it (after the next season). I hope the production and crew keep the excitement and fun going for the final season. I’m always worried when hearing of a show ending before they schedule the last season, that the ‘team’ have lost interest and the episodes just fizzles out. That would really be bad news!

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