OMG – Would Tarantino do a Star Trek movie!?

Yeah, I know right! I was reading an article on the amazing Mary Sue websiteoi! Lots of women read Sci Fi SadGeezers and I’ll bet loads of blokes read Mary Sue! – anyway, they say that, “According to Empire in their print edition (as verified by, Tarantino has given a hearty and resounding “Oh yeah! It’s an R-rated movie. If I do it, it’ll be R-rated” to questions about the rating of the film. “

Paramount have indicated thgat they want to do at least one more Start Trek movie with the current crew of actors.

Which is amazing news – that is of course, if he is asked to do a film because this hasn’t been confirmed yet (maybe it never will!). Mary Sue waxes lyrical about the vision of Roddenberry and that lots of F-Bombs and gratuitous and bloody violence and sex will not be keeping with the way Star Trek franchise has developed. I godda say, that’s a great point but I’m not sure I agree. I think that the franchise has a reputation for being a little stayed. I could never do a review of a Start Trek show or film on Sci Fi Sadgeezers for instance, because although the saga has definite entertainment value, it’s also packed full of patronizing drivel. Some pointless violence or boobs / bums might shake things up a little and even pull back some of that waning Star Trek fandom.

I welcome the idea of a Tarantino Start Trek, what do you think?

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Let’s hear your views in the Sci FI forum.

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