Red Dwarf: Ships: Legion’s Ship

Legions Ship - Great Balls of Fire!This Space Station is a highly advanced research station manned by a composite Gestalt entity called Legion. It has a tracking beam used to drag unsuspecting spaceships into its hold to give Legion a life force.

The Station was once a Military Installation, which, at one time, housed such great scientists as Hildager, Davereax, Quail and Holder, though the station is apparently unmanned.

Legion is able to adapt the station to his own particular requirements (and those of his ‘guests’). Each room is superbly kitted out with everything one might ever want.  Legion's Ship - Awsome interiorThere is a cyber park on one of the decks that will allow him to visit any time period with any person he might desire.

There are works of art and tremendous feats of technology on board the Station. The Red Dwarf Crew for instance, manage to salvage a Star Drive, capable of enabling Starbug to traverse HUGE distances almost instantaneously. Unfortunately for the crew, they fail to secure it properly and it  flies off!

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