SadCAST: Sci Fi News: S01E02

The second episode of the experimental sci fi video podcast, SadCAST which was produced in early 2006 by a few sci fi fans from around the world.  Nobody else was producing Video Science Fiction podcasts regularly at that time and the technology (and video quality, bandwidth and audio equipment etc.) was very limited (for us amateurs anyway). 

In those days there was nowhere to upload the show, YouTube was unsuitable (except for short videos of a 5 minutes or so). We had to pay for a video server and distribute the shows via iTunes.

Part 1

Part 2



In the show, Headgehog tells us about new Doctor Who spin off K9 with an update on Torchwood and that Ex Time lord Chris Eccleston is to star in the remake of the prisoner.

Brandon Frasier is set to star in a 3D journey to the centre of the earth.
WB has acquired the film rights to a live action World Of Warcraft
SadGeezer tells us about his favourite Russian film Kin Dza Dza

In Part 2:

Reviews: Alias, Lost and Stargate. The crew talk X-men 3 reviews Discussion of up coming TV shows.

Anime: NewKate gives an update on Karas and the straight to dvd scene.

Animation: Mike’s Lement.

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