SadCAST: Drunken Sci Fi Debate: S01E03

This SadCAST is fairly legendary (to us anyway), some custom and amazing animation from Mike, a really silly debat (yep, purposely missed off the ‘e’ it was that sort of debate!) on the definition of sci fi and some general opinions. Lots of swear words too – it was surreal!

Part 1

Part 2


What is Science Fiction?

This weeks show is a lot more raw than usual!
The show opened with the crew discussing rating rules for uploading podcasts on iTunes (if the show has swearing in it then it must be labelled “Explicit” on iTunes (SadCAST #3 gets an explicit rating mainly because of this discussion).

Opening credits. SadGeezer introduced everyone. Sam, Mike, Katya and SadGeezer were in the studio and were joined by Rory (Lexxrobotech) in South Africa, Ryan (Headgehog) in the US, Holly (Hollidays) from Canada and Martin (Faldor) from the UK via Skype.

I explained to that the theme of the show was ‘What is Sci Fi?’ Holly probably gave the best definition.

Ryan talked about Battlestar Galactica, Rory about Back to the future, SadGeezer disgraced myself by claiming that Hellraiser was Sci Fi.

No News in this episode it will be in the next SadCAST along with an excellent review by Faldor on “Star Wrek in the Pirkinning”. Sam told us why he though Tremors was such a good sci fi film and we all agreed that Blade Runner was cool.

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