SadCAST: News & Reviews: S01E07

In this week show we reviewed My Super Ex-girlfriend movie, the TV shows Eureka and the short film Blue.  We also chatted about other cool Sci Fi stuff such as the book, Lady in the Water.

Alas, the show was produced when YouTube did not allow video uploads longer than 10 minutes so we had to split the episode into 2 (we were also on Google Video at the time and they had no such rules! – the irony of it!)

Part 1

Part 2


SadCAST#07 was recorded on Friday 21st July 2006 at 11.30 PM GMT Present were SadGeezer & Newkate joined via Skype by Headgehog (from the USA), Hollydays (Canada), Faldor (UK) and Lezzrobotech (South Africa)

The Sky Bonk Film: Ivan Reitman, director of the upcoming superhero romantic comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend, told SCI FI Wire that one of the film’s funniest sequences was also one of the most grueling to shoot. In the film, Uma Thurman plays Jenny Johnson/G-Girl, a superhero who gets involved with a regular guy named Matt (Luke Wilson); in the particular scene, G-Girl whisks Matt high above New York City for what cast and crew referred to as a “sky-bonk.” (the story goes on to talk about how they didn’t want to shoot it because it was really cold – yeah right, they wanted to mention it because …. a a sky bonking Uma Thurman!!! Wonder how many spotty geeks will go see the film on the strength of that alone!)

TRAILER: News link… {There was a video clip}

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Amazing Stories Season 1 DVD The Complete First Season (1985) All 24 episodes of the complete first season of Amazing Stories on 4 discs. Superstar producer Steven Spielberg was lured to TV with an iron-clad contract that guaranteed his series a two-season run whether it was successful or not. That series, Amazing Stories, ran from September 28, 1985 through May 15, 1987. Though the stories in this sci-fi/fantasy anthology ran hot and cold, all had the advantage of solid celebrity casts and an all-star lineup of directors, including Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorcese, Danny DeVito and, of course, Spielberg himself. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide ( 8) AMAZON Link:… We were not able to include this in the final edit.

Eureka Eureka Breaks Ratings Record SCI FI’s new original series Eureka garnered the network’s highest-ever ratings for a series telecast in its history. The July 18 two-hour premiere got a 3.2 household rating, or more than 4 million viewers. Eureka’s Farentino Loves Science Debrah Farentino, who co-stars on the upcoming SCI FI original series Eureka, told SCI FI Wire that the show was a perfect fit for her. Farentino plays Dr. Beverly Barlowe, a respected psychotherapist living and working in Eureka, home to a variety of brilliant and sometimes emotionally troubled scientists and inventors. “Well, my hobby is science, actually, molecular biology,” Farentino said during a conference call. “In between jobs I’ve slowly been continuing my studies. I’m probably on a very long road, still, to getting my bachelor’s. So, actually, when this script came to me, I had taken a couple of years off to study molecular biology. And my agent called me and said, ‘Debrah, here is one I think you are going love, because it combines science with great characters and intriguing stories.’ So, yeah, I brought some of that to the plate.” It airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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HULKED!? Reuters says Louis Leterrier (director of DANNY THE DOG and the two TRANSPORTER films) has signed to direct THE INCREDIBLE HULK. An interesting choice for an obscure project, to be sure. Avi Arad has pointedly implied that this film would be something of a remake, although this recent interview with scripter Zak Penn suggests otherwise…sort of: “It’s definitely not a remake. We’re not going to tell the origin story of the Hulk. Reboot? It’s harder to say.”

DOOMED!? Warner Bros. Pictures is giving new life to DC Comics cult favorite “Doom Patrol,” about a band of superheroes with freakish powers, with Akiva Goldsman producing the bigscreen adaptation through his Warners-based Weed Road Pictures.Studio has hired Adam Turner to pen the screenplay. News is sure to set off buzz at Comic-Con. Debuting in 1963, “Doom Patrol” was often compared to Marvel’s “X-Men.” Both comics follow the exploits of a band of super-powered social misfits ostracized by the rest of the world. As with X-Men, the Doom Patrol is guided by a wheelchair-boundmentor in fighting evil. Characters include Elasti-Girl, Negative Man and Robotman. Series, created by Bob Haney, Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, ceased in 1968 after failing to woo a big audiance. DC revived the series several times over the years, however, with more recent incarnations turning “Doom Patrol” into a much darker, edgier comic than “X-Men.”

RYAN’s short clip of Doon soundbytes It goes something like this…. let me see if I can get this right…. “Dune, Dune, Dune, Dune, Dune” This was not used

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Blue – A short Film Created by Christopher Mullins, Aaron Webster, and James Anderson, this 23-minute long, completely CG-generated short film, is, according to the official site of the creators: “A sci-fi adventure about a small robot who wakes up all alone on a space station and gets into more trouble than he can handle.” The short has won several film festival awards since its release in late 2003, and it’s been released under the creative commons licence. You can donwload it from the official website (you will need a bittorrent client). More New Sci Fi Channel Shows and Painkiller Jane…

28 Weeks later 28 Weeks Later, due May 11, 2007, comes from the creative team of Danny Boyle, Alex Garland and Andrew Macdonald, the minds behind the original zombie movie 28 Days Later. The sequel is directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and picks up six months after the rage virus has decimated the city of London. The U.S. Army has restored order and is repopulating the quarantined city when a carrier of the rage virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the deadly infection. Rory also informed eveyone of the current US Box Office news for Sci Fi films. (less info) View comments, related video

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