SadCAST: Season 1 Review: Kin Dza Dza

This video podcast was produced in 2006. Kin Dza Dza is one of the best sci fi films that has ever been produced! It’s a sci fi comedy from Russia and is cult sci fi viewing. If you want to checkout something a little different and you don’t mind watching something that is “out of the box”, you’ll want to see Kin Dza Dza.  It’s truly a classic!

In the early 2000’s it was hard to get hold of a decent DVD (or VHS) copy of the film – Seriously, it was the most famous Sci Fi film that nobody had ever heard of!  So, myself and Newkate subtitled it (I encoded and Newkate translated) and put in on Google Video.  Of course Google Video is gone now, but there are some copies flying around the internet (an on youtube I think.


Craig J. Clark on the YouTube page of the link above described the film marvellously: 

“Excellent film. If Terry Gilliam directed a low budget movie, from a script by Douglas Adams (in Russian, of course), it might look something like this.”

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