Are you gonna storm Area 51 in September?

Are you gonna storm Area 51 in September?

Just to be clear, it’s a joke!  Nobody will actually be going to Area 51 to storm the place and release the aliens, someone just thought it would be fun to suggest it on Facebook.  If you’re thinking of going, don’t, it’ll be embarrassing!  Even if you wear a tin foil cap

God Emperor of Dune?

God Emperor of Dune?

Alas, the news is, that despite my searches, I have still yet to confirm any production or development of a movie or TV series for God Emperor of Dune

LEXX Conventions: Halifax Herald Article 1999

LEXX Conventions: Halifax Herald Article 1999

1999 The Halifax Herald article. Lexx Convention: It’s no Trekkie convention and George Lucas won’t be the keynote
speaker. But 25 diehard fans of the Halifax-based science fiction series Lexx have arrived in the city over the past couple of days from other parts of the globe to revel in their own intergalactic fixation

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The Safe FAX FAQ!

Unless you are really sure of the o­ne you are faxing, a cover should be used to insure safe fax

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President Clinton looks up from his desk in the Oval Office to see one of his aides nervously approach him

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Toilet Humour Living in Preston Q.  What have working in Preston (a town in England) and a pubic hair o­n a toilet seat got in common? A.  Your okay for a while but then you get pissed off. Submitted by Susan Hargreaves 29 Types Of People In The Men’s Room EXCITABLE: Shorts half twisted around, ..

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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jokes A guy walks over to a gorgeous girl sitting at a barstool and says “I want to play with your tits all night.” Shocked, the woman says “oh my god, do you see that huge guy over there? he’s my boyfriend and he’ll kick your ass..” The man replies “I still want to ..

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Nationality Jokes A joke submitted by a Frenchgirl who played a half naked hysterical English woman in French play and who felt like evening the score   🙂 Q.  What do the the French call an I.Q of 130? A.  An English town! Submitted by the very sweet Sandra (yes I know, an Englih name but she ..

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Battle of the Sexes If men & women swapped genitals! Top ten things men would do if they woke up and had a vagina for a day: 10. Immediately go shopping for zucchini and cucumbers. 9. Squat over a hand-held mirror for an hour and a half. 8. See if they could finally do the ..