The Prisoner: Science: Enhanced Hypnosis

Hypnosis enhanced with Mytol

Hypnosis provides a clean and simple way of managing the behavior of individual prisoners when an Infiltrator or Clone may not be practical because of time restraints. The Psychology department of the hospital often employs this tactic. Doctor 23 has become so adept at this technique she was able to convince Number 8 she was madly in love with Number 6 in only a few hours.

When practical, it is preferred to combine hypnosis with a drug which renders the subject more suggestible, such as Mytol. This form of enhanced hypnosis was used by Number 6 himself on the Village’s expert on Social Conversion, but we no longer discuss that matter here.

Manchurian hypnosis in Number 6's Cottage
Even when enhanced with drug therapy, hypnosis on its own provides only a short-term solution to behavioral changes. Given time, Manchurian hypnosis is much preferred and much more successful.

Manchurian hypnosis is a combination of drugs, suggestion and pulsating light used by Pavlov’s Institute during the Korean War to create the Manchurian Candidate, a guilt-free assassin who could be triggered by playing a game of solitaire. Because of its long-term success it was adopted by the Village and became such an instant part of the repertoire that pulsating, remote-controlled lights have been installed in the homes of the Villagers to subliminally calm problem prisoners… and to reward cooperative prisoners with a good night’s sleep.

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