The Prisoner: Science: Virtual Reality Scenario

This procedure is used only in the most extreme cases of Cult of the Individual. It requires a combination of isolation, remote influence, actors, sets, props, microphones and a specially designed cocktail of hallucinatory drugs. Once the Virtual Reality Scenario has begun, it must run its course. Everyone actually involved in the story becomes absorbed by the scenario and will react as they would normally.
Players in the VRS must be carefully interviewed and prepared. If the wrong players are chosen, they will lose themselves in the story and could be compromised by the subject if his independent values are particularly strong.

The addition of hallucinatory drugs allows the brain of the subject to fill in the blanks. In the Old West scenario, for instance, standees are used in place of actual actors, as all the players are working remotely. With the addition of suggestion and dialogue delivered through headphones, the subject assimilates the images into his consciousness and sees them as living, breathing people. This even extends to non-verbal characters such as horses simply because the subject believes that they are present in such an environment.

Speculative scientific aspects of The Prisoner have come from a combination of the television episodes, related comics and novels, and unrelated scientific resources. This article is copyright Pet Serrano 2003. Carlton International owns all rights to The Prisoner.

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