The Prisoner: Technology: Electropass

The Chessmaster's electropass allows freedom of movement around Rover

An electropass is a device which allows high-ranking Village personnel freedom of movement while Rovers are present. It is synchronized with the alarm system and may emit a high-frequency sound which quiets the Rovers. Number 2’s umbrella and the Chessmaster’s walking stick each contain an electropass which is silent to the human ear. They are unavailable to general Village personnel.
Pilot's Electropass The helicopter pilots carry electropasses in their watches. The watch-based electropass also emits an audible alarm and a small flashing light when a Rover is present. Number 6 obtained this style of electropass early in his visit to the Village and used it to gain access to a helicopter in an escape attempt, but as he was unaware the helicopters are equipped with the usual remote control overrides, this plan was easily foiled.

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