Tripping the Rift: Ships: Confederation Cruiser

The Confederation Cruiser is the more common fleet ship in the Confederate forces. It’s swift, fast, nimble and like other confederation ships, armed to the teeth.

If you were to see a cruiser on the road it’d be a Hummer. Similar to its much larger brother the Confederation Battleship, it would have a strong pence wherever it went. And much like other confederation ships, it would be made in America with lots of raw power helping it to achieve high speeds, often uncontrollably,

The cruiser is the fastest military vessel in the galaxy. But still not nearly as fast a the Jupiter 42. It’s used to transport high ranking officials from place to place, as well as keep the peace on the border planets and kick some Dark Clown ass. Its quick speed allows it travel between battles in an instant and the superb maneuverability lets it dodge enemy fire whilst launching It’s own barrage of photon torpedoes.

The Confederation Cruiser is a similar but smaller version of the Confederation Battleship. The only difference between the two is armaments and obviously size. Confederate engineers and ship architects are somewhat boring so they often take one working and proven design and run with it.

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