Tripping the Rift: Ships: Surrender Dorothy

The Surrender Dorothy is the Jupiter 42’s shuttle craft. It’s small, cramped, ugly, defenceless and as powerful as an canary. If you were to see the Surrender Dorothy on the road, it would be a Geo Metro. ‘Nuff said.

Occasionally the crew requires a shuttle to get to and from the ship. For instance the transporters may be broken again. Or T’Nuk needs to go somewhere and out of spite Chode won’t send the ship in that direction. Either way the SD is another valuable piece of technology that Chode routinely takes for granted.

Unlike its mother ship the Jupiter 42, the shuttle has no advanced AI. This may or may not be a good things considering Bob’s reluctance to do work. However the neutral and lifeless computer’s voice doesn’t have that same personal touch that Bob’s delivers.

The Surrender Dorothy has no shields, no weapons and no seatbelts either. It had a cloaking device until Chode lost it in a poker game. Now it has a fold out shower curtain with a starfield painted on it to hide from enemy ships.

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