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The latest in a long line of time travelling ships, Temporal Adventures Timeplane is capable of travelling not only forward and backward through time, but all the way to the beginning. If you were to see the timeplane on the road, it would be a Porshe.

A sleek German engineered machine built for speed, style and speed. The timeplane moves so fast that it would arrive at its destination as soon as it departed. The timeplane is technically the fastest ship in the universe. But it can only achieve high velocities when in timestream. So in real space, the fastest ship around goes to the Jupiter 42 and its ability to bug out when being chased by The Man or The Clowns.

Timeplanes are the only kind of vessels that are capable of entering and surviving in the timestream.  Once the timeplane passes through the time-warp lips, it passes back, or forward if you swing that way, in time to its destination. The further back in time it goes the stronger the wavy blue lines are that it must pass. Passing through this cartoonish but deadly barrier are only for champions, or those too drunk to know the difference.

A timeplane can travel all the way back to the beginning of time, to watch the big bang and/or kill god. The new timeplane seats 32 passengers and 3 crew. Down from 40 passengers in previous models. Fewer seats allow for more legs and/or other appendage room for the passengers. But if the passengers still feel a little cramped and in need of “exercise” the flight staff will be more then happy to help you blow off stress and join the mile high club.

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Each passenger has a personal flatscreen to watch movies or the mile high club induction ceremony. At the end of every flight passengers are given a complementary video of their temporal flight to watch, enjoy or upload to the internet later.

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