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Crusade is the first and only spin-off of the famed show Babylon 5. It aired for only 13 episodes on TNT before the producers backed out of the show.

The network wanted too much control over the show, and the creators rightly felt that it would destroy the feel of the show. While it only lasted a short time, it is still one of the best sci-fi shows on television.

Its a shame that it never lasted long enough to reach its full potential. The show set after the Drakh have attacked Earth in the hopes of nuking it to destruction. But when that failed, they went to plan B.

They unleashed a biological plague against the planet. There is no cure for the disease, and if they don’t find one in five years, all life on Earth will be destroyed. It’s up to the Excalibur led by Captain Gideon to find a cure in time.

Crusade Episodes

A detailed review of each of the episodes.  The saga only managed to last for a total of 13 episodes  and one TV movie before being axed.  Which is a shame as it was starting to take shape nicely.

Crusade People

Biographies of the most important cast members. Characterisation was not quite as intense as with Babylon 5 because the characters hadn’t had chance to develop yet (think of how Delenn was portrayed in half of the first season of Babylon 5).

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