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Dune Episodes

A detailed review of each of the shows including pictures.  This includes the Dune and Children of Dune miniseries.

Dune People

Biographies of the most important cast members.  The Dune saga has a rich and varied cast.  Each of the main characters are reviewed to help us better understand their interactions and complexities.

Dune Technology

Detailed descriptions of all of the imperiums cool toys. Some are really wacky and fun, some are scary and the stuff of nightmares (like the kinky suspenders for fat people) and yet others are huge and awesome – Check out the stone burner!

The Cultures of Dune

This section describes the major noble houses and, organizations and peoples of the Dune universe.  We attempt here, to evaluate them from their most significant characteristic – would you invite one of them to your party?

The Famous Dune Purity Test

Well, ok not very famous. Test your Dune knowledge, ingenuity and silliness.  This is a serious bit of fun that has a psychometric test bolted onto it.  The test is so accurate, you can brag about your score to your mates in the pub!

Dune Crazy Captions Competition 

Your views on what they should actually have said.  Some of you lot are just plain bonkers!

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