Firefly: Purity Test


There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering.
Click the radio button next to each answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end.
Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer Firefly psychometric test and it”s based on your perception, intelligence and social interactionsort of.



1.   Which of the Firefly writers also created the cartoon and live action character called The Tick.  
  a. Audey Murphy
  b. Joss Whedon
  c. Ben Edlund


2.   Zoe was once  
  a. An Egyptian Monarch
  b. A Goddess
  c. Xena”s slave


3.   Inara is a  
  a. A street girl
  b. High class prostitute
  c. An expensive hooker


4.   If you had to choose, the situation on Firefly is similar to?  
  a. Andromeda
  b. LEXX
  c. Star Trek


5.   Simon is Rivers?  
  a. Saviour
  b. Doctor
  c. Brother


6.   The ship was named after?  
  a. Something provided by Inara
  b. A place that you have to learn to live in
  c. The Battle of Serenity


7.   The Serenity is a?  
  a. Firefly
  b. Battleship
  c. Shed


8.   Which of the crew have been experimented on?  
  a. Jayne
  b. Inara
  c. River


9.   Which is the best Anti Alliance Joke?  
  a. An Alliance farmer and his wife are in bed. He reaches forward and feels her breasts. He says “you know if these were bigger we wouldn”t need the cow.” She reaches back and feels his male manly appendage. She says “If this was bigger we wouldn”t need the farm manager.
  b. Husband: Want a quickie?
Wife: As opposed to what
  c. What do you do if your boyfriend walks out?
Close the door.


10.   Mals favourite ”Alcohol and the Resistance analogy”. Choose the most accurate?  
  a. A resistance man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools
  b. A Resistance man is not drunk if he can lie on the floor without holding on.
  c. If God had intended us to drink he wouldn”t have invented hangovers.


11.   Inara is the ships?  
  a. Ambassador
  b. High class prostitute
  c. Entertainments Officer


12.   Jayne is?  
  a. A Soldier
  b. A silly name for a Mals loyal thug
  c. A Mercenary


13.   Your partner desperately wants to make love to you and is stood naked in front of the TV just as Firefly is about to start. Do you:  
  a. Demand that he/she moves out of the way.
  b. lMake love in front of the TV with your partner on top so that you can sneak glimpses of the show
  c. Ask your partner to change the channel.


14.   The best birthday gift you could get this year would be?  
  a. A present
  b. A scale replica of the The Serenity
  c Inara/Mal or Zoe/Jayne or Simon/Kaylee erm…. or two Inara”s

15.   You would consider calling your baby daughter?  
  a. Kaylee
  b. Zoe
  c. Jayne





The Firefly Purity Test is © 2002-2010 Tony Fawl.
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