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Inara and KayleeI’m afraid I have very little information on Kaylee’s character at the moment. She’s being promoted as the ships mechanic (I wonder if her duties involve the servicing of the ships bike?). Apparently she is a ‘bright light’ (according to the Official Firefly website) but prefers the security of her Serenity than the uncertainty of missions off the ship.

If you were to meet Kaylee in the pub she’d be twittering on about ball joints and exhaust manifolds. She’d look like she was very insecure and this, unfortunately, would attract all the inebriated gallant types. Kaylee probably enjoys a good bit of ass the same as any other ships engineer, but I don’t think she’d find her ideal mate in a bar.

This super-sweet ships engineer has a thing for Simon. Basically, she fancies him like mad. She probably doesn’t know it yet, but Jayne fancies her too! Simon seems indifference to her at the moment (he’s more preoccupied with the well-being of his sister) but he certainly enjoys Kaylee’s kind words.

She shares a close friendly relationship with Inara.

Kaylee is played by Jewel Bailair Staite Born in White Rock, BC. She won “Best Actor” for “Meeting Dad” out of 500 films in a festival of short films and this SadGeezer thinks she is very pretty (in real life at least, she looks a lot less glamorous in the pictures of the show). She’s actually an accomplished actress in her own right but still keeps busy with some cool activities such as charitable work with the ‘Children with AIDS Project’ and ‘The United Way’. She’s due to get married in 2003 and was recently quoted as saying: ‘”It was a tough job getting mouth to mouth from David Duchovny but somebody had to do it.” From an interview about her appearance on The X-Files episode “Oubliette” (1995).

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