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High Class Hooker ... with a heart?Inara is a ‘Companion’, which is the modern day euphemism for prostitute. Yes, Inara is the ships bike! (though a ride on this bike will cost you a fortune!)

Prostitution is a legal occupation on most planets in the Alliance and Inara is not only good at her job she’s expensive. She’s part of a Companions Guild which has strict laws to protect members (Guild members not clients members). If the crew wanted to avail themselves of her services, they probably couldn’t afford it. Which makes the whole reason for her being aboard a little strange don’t you think?

The Guild is pretty good to it’s members. They only need take on clients if they want to – which will surely be down to how desperate they are for cash! Inara seems to be doing pretty well, she has her own space shuttle and nicely laid out boudoir.

She seems to get on well with Kaylee and the two have a close friendship. She also fancies Captain Maland he fancies her too. Inara snogs Mal (while he's asleep)It’s one of those ‘they’ll never get together but you can see it in their eyes’ relationships. Although in the episode ‘Our Mrs. Raynolds’, Inara let down hger guard and kissed Mal (deeply – I suspect she used her tongue) – unfortunately for him, he was asleep.

It seems to wind Mal up a great deal that she is a companion and he tends to be rude to her (and other people) about it. He has been known to introduce her (in this case to Book) as a whore.

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The fact is however, that he needs Inara on the ship as many frontier planets wont even talk to him unless they have a Companion on board. For this reason, Mal refers to her as the Ships Ambassador. The arrangement is suitable for Inara as she is looking to expand her clientbase.

I guess she’s just looking for a place to settle (maybe she’s a hooker with a heart?). Possibly the Serenity is useful for taking her to places where there are lots of rich geezers (or geezerettes) that she can solicit.

If you were to meet Inara in the pub you would be impressed with the dress she was nearly wearing. If you were a guy you’d be brushed off immediately (I know, I know, male SadGeezers for some strange reason, are not attractive to prostitutes – maybe it’s because we’re broke all the time). You lady SadGeezers would likely not feel threatened, but you would be hugely intrigued at her movements, mannerisms and techniques. Inara would refuse all invitations except one – the taxi driver.

Inara’s role in the saga (and I certainly think we should see a lot more of it) will most likely not concern itself with bonking other cast members for money.

It may be that she is looking for a way out of her profession. She’s working towards her retirement (aren’t we all) and now she only services rich and decent clientele.

She has her own space in the shuttle bay (presumably for entertaining). I’m sure Inara’s character will develop but I’ve got to hand it to Whedon – the concept of having a prostitute crew-member that services her clients in the ships shuttle-bay is a total blast! I wonder if that is why the ship is named Serenity.

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Inara is played beautifully by Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin was born in Brazil, but grew up in New York City where she graduated from the renowned Juilliard School and began a career in film.  In fact she has stared in many films such Spy, Deadpool (1 & 2) and many characters in other TV shows.  She is now a well established and popular actress – and not just because she looks so good! 

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