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Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Introduction

This is a Guide to one of the oldest and best Cult Sci Fi shows on TV. It was written after a successful Radio Series on the BBC and a cool series of books. This Guide deals with the TV show only and it is not my intention to offend (well not much anyway), so I just godda say that this Guide to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is for GROWN-UPS only.


Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Main Menu

Hitch Hikers Episodes

A detailed review of each of the shows including pictures and sound files.


Hitch Hikers People

Biographies of the most important cast members.


Hitch Hikers Cultures

This section describes each of the exotic and not so exotic races encountered by our intrepid heroes.


Science in this show

Some of the galactic science of the saga defies explanation, but we attempt at least a brief intro to it.


The Famous Hitch Hikers PURITY TEST

Yes it is famous actually, my mum mentioned it to one of her friends in the hairdressers and she thought she remembered it!  This tests your knowledge of the show and also has a psychometric tests bolted on which tell you the deepest most secret parts of your psych. So much so, that you can take the results and show them to your boss to help you get a raise!


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