Nowhere Man: Science & Technology

The Mad Science of Nowhere Man

The Moen Technique

The science of Nowhere Man primarily involves mind control, as that”s the main goal of the organization. Each cell has a project and specially-recruited (or coerced) scientists working on them.

Having their fingers in every pie, the Organization also dabbles in perfect assassins, perfect soldiers, and free energy resources.

Cerebral Stimulation Unit
Television makes people happy, especially in Darby, NY.

Constructive Solid Modeling

How does the Organization replace people with exact copies?

Flash Regression

A method of interrogation involving light refraction.


Some people can be hypnotized in their sleep.

Moen Hallucination Induction Technique

A method of memory implantation involving induced hallucinations.

Observational Cybernetics

How to make a walking video camera.

Over-Unity EMF power generator
A method of generating electricity using the Earth”s magnetic field.

Project Marathon
An Organization project to create assassins who can be triggered by a phone call.

Proximity Bracelet

How to keep the residents of New Phoenix in line.

Virtual Hacking

Hacking into a mainframe by sending one”s consciousness in rather than pulling the file out.

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