Production 8
Direction 8
Characterisation 9
Storyline 7
Acting 7
Fun/Sexy/Cool 7

This is a superb short that demonstrates Aeon’s cat like curiosity. In this case though, it’s her undoing!

Summary 7.7 great
Production 9
Direction 7
Characterisation 4
Storyline 10
Acting 7
Fun/Sexy/Cool 10
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Summary 7.8 great

Aeon Flux: Short Episodes: Gravity

This is a superb short that demonstrates Aeon’s cat like curiosity. In this case it is her undoing!

More tongue gymnasticsThis episode short opens with a definitely NOT erotic view of the inside of Aeons mouth. Her tongue welcomes the very long and dextrous slimy digit of her lover, Trevor (NO his tongue silly!).This scene makes me laugh every time I see it!  It is even accompanied by the slurping noises!

Miraculously, his tongue gently massages a welcome greeting to Aeon’s mouth before lifting a small opening in Aeon’s false tooth! He inserts a small rolled-up piece of paper and neatly closes the erm.. hatch. Aeon gently strokes Trevor’s eyeball with her eyelash (sounds uncomfortable to me) and the two continue a long and lingering kiss. We don’t see any more mouth gymnastics, but lets face it; we were given plenty of room to fantasise.

Aeon snogs TrevorEven more miraculous was the situation of their kiss. Trevor was a passenger on a speeding train and Aeon, a low flying plane perfectly positioned so that each could lean out of their respective open windows for a good ‘snog’.

Next, a peculiar looking bloke walks off the platform of the speeding train and onto a platform on the plane flying in perfect formation alongside. As our two heroes’ continue kissing, Aeon notices a strange looking vehicle racing alongside the train and plane. Aeon Flux ends the lingering kiss and the plane hurries away. She nimbly extracts the secret message and sees a picture of the peculiar geezer and a briefcase.

Oops!Once the message is memorised, she swallows it before climbing through the window of the plane and, holding firmly onto the edge (??) she manoeuvres herself to the cabin window of the peculiar bloke. Suddenly she looses grip and begins a doomed decent to the very hard looking rocks a few thousand feet below.

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What's that!?She makes one of those ‘you stupid prat’ expressions that we all give ourselves from time to time (yes you do!) and looks at the certain death of the ground beneath her. Aeon considers killing herself by drawing her gun and pointing it at her head. She tries to pull the trigger but can’t. She then notices the unusual yellow vehicle speeding towards the edge of a cliff. She extracts her binoculars (it always amazes me how many gadgets Aeon has despite the tiny outfit she wares – it’s a shame she didn’t have a parachute in there!).

Still falling (at speed) She notices the vehicle stop and two blokes dressed in protective suits get out and urgently throw a line over the edge of the cliff.

They begin pulling up something (we can’t see it). Aeon is rapidly approaching the ground and manages to tear herself away from ogling the two blokes by attaching some rope to a projectile on her gun and firing it at a nearby bridge. Her shot is accurate and she returns to looking at the manic activity by the cliff edge. Trevor’s train is travelling over the bridge as this is happening and we see the sex crazy Trevor tonguing the face of some woman (at least I assume it was a woman) in the most comical way you can imagine.

The rope round her neck tightens.Aeons line is tangled round her neck as she continues to ogle the two blokes pull up an object to the cliff. She is still falling, but just as we (and Aeon) are about to learn what the object is, Aeon Flux reached the end of her tether, the rope tightens and although we don’t see it, we here a CRUNCH as her neck snaps. The screen goes blank and we assume that the lovely Aeon is no more. – Oh NO!

I’ve just got to rate this a 28,441 out of 10.  What did you think?

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