Aeon Flux: Character Bios: Trevor Goodchild

Trevor Goodchild’s silky smooth voice of venom is
played magnificently by John Lee.

Trevor is the epitome of the archetypal mad scientist. He is particularly dangerous however, because he is also a political leader. He is the senior political power in Bregna though we often see him in certain episodes answering to others. I think that this is temporary though. He usually wins out in some form or other and is made ‘chief’ by default (I suppose he defeats all his opposition).

If you were to meet Trevor is a pub he may be sat in a corner with his tongue is some beautiful woman’s ear. If Aeon were in the pub also, you would be dead for this would no doubt be the scene of some bloody battle.

Trevor believes himself to be the saviour of the Breens. He provides for their every need. He looks after them with the same care as the proverbial Mother Goose. He is however, unforgiving and not open to suggestions by his subjects. He is a dictator in every sense of the word.

It appals him why certain Breens would wish to leave the protectorate of Bregna and escape to Monica. The ‘wall’ separating Bregna from Monica is as much to keep Breens in as Monicans out!

He is of course besotted by the lovely and deadly Aeon Flux (well, who isn’t). She, it seems is the o­nly challenge he has left – and believe me, Aeon is a challenge. The two seem to have a love/hate relationship though you always get the impression that the relationship is more important to Aeon than Trevor (he seems to have more dangerous liaisons).

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His fixation isn’t just because of Aeons good looks however. He loves Aeon because of the type of woman that she is; her aggressive nature; he lack of conscience and willingness to kill to get her way; or perhaps it’s because of her tempering sense of right and wrong.

In A Last Time For Everything, Trevor is able to duplicate Aeon Flux. He makes about thirty copies and each Aeon is totally subservient to him. All except o­ne of course. The real Aeon is all Trevor is after.

His silky smooth voice, charming mannerisms and power make him almost irresistible to members of the opposite sex. But make no mistake, Trevor Goodchild is ruthless in the extreme and will do everything in his power to succeed – even at the expense of his beloved Aeon.

He seems to wear a mantle of despicable despot ….. uneasily! What we would consider to be a despicable enterprise seems to be conducted with the charm and excitement of a naïve 12 year old. It’s so confusing don’t you think? Sometimes you just really really WANT to hate the dude, but end up liking him (and sometimes thinking… hey, I wonder what it (is escapade/experiment etc.) would be like if it were successful).

His god like scientific experiments are born from lofty high ideals, but no sooner they start to show any level of success, the dastardly deed is seen to be open to the more baser instincts of the human psyche. I read somewhere that Trevor could be likened to a philosopher who tends to miss-quote Neitzsche – “a o­ne minute manager with so many internal conflicting ideals that he can simultaneously praise a subordinate for good work then order him to kill himself.” Maybe that is a little over the top, but you just can’t help feel that behind the veneer of confidence is a troubled dude!

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Unlike Aeon, we rarely see Trevor die in an episode (the o­nly exception that I can think of is Tide). This makes for a certain consistency.

Trevor is also a consummate ear-nibbler. Tounguing someone’s ear may not appeal to all of us, but it seems, Trevor prefers this to kissing or a good cuddle. Despite his ruthlessness, I wonder how many of us males secretly admire him.

Joshua Klessig emailed me a brief but useful synopsis of some information from the Aeon Flux graphical novel “The Herodotus File

A section from Trevor Goodchild’s personal journal: I have been accused of caring nothing for the truth, but o­n the contrary, I value the truth so highly that I make sure it is hidden away someplace safe, where it is not soiled by dirty hands, embarrassed by prying eyes, or worn out through overuse.

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