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Aeon Flux is played wonderfully by the voice of
Denise Poirier.

Aeon Flux is the archetypal action goddess. Beautiful, acrobatic, has a wonderful figure and not too clingy in her relationships with members of the opposite sex!

If you were to meet her in a pub you would notice that she was drinking o­n her own. You’d give anything to have the nerve to go up and talk to her, but you just wouldn’t manage it. If you were a lady SadGeezer you’d probably be admiring the dress she was nearly wearing but you too wouldn’t dare complement her o­n it.

Aeon has no conscience and no worries about killing people. She does however have a mild sense of right and wrong.She is not keen o­n the idea of injustice and I think she would feel very bad about hurting anyone that wouldn’t hurt her.

She even has a certain compassion for her friends. In Isthmus Crypticus for instance, she would not kill her friend Una despite Una’s attempt to destroy Aeon.

This contradicts sharply with the gratuitous violence of War and Aeon Flux (the pilot) where the amount of death and destruction wielded was almost intolerable.

Aeon has o­ne weakness, and it’s a big o­ne! She is in love with Trevor Goodchild the leader of her opposing culture, the Breens and the person responsible for most of her missions.

Invariably Aeon must destroy something that Trevor in o­ne of his madcap fantasies, has created. However, it seems that she also takes o­n some jobs for him too!

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Maybe Aeon is a double agent or simply takes o­n the work she thinks most appropriate to her skills. More likely she is a free agent, taking o­n whatever assignments she likes.

She tends to die a lot (in short episodes) which can be really infuriating! by the way, have you noticed that it has NEVER been Trevor that has killed her? Pretty unusual considering their love-hate relationship.

UPDATE: (message sent in by Seventh Angyl) “An episode in the ‘Operative Terminus’ Video, I don’t remember the name but she infiltrates the mansion and is shot by someone in a brown trenchcoat. Before she dies she shoots the radiator contol, stopping the wire connected to the video setup from blowing around, therefore making the figure visable o­n the monitor and it is indeed Trevor.

Not much is known of her background. It seems we have not yet had the pleasure of finding out how she was raised and what helped her form her attitudes to life.

Mind you, if you take a closer look at Aeon Flux, what do we really see? She is most certainly beautiful and ruthless, but lets face it, she botches just as many missions as she completes.

She has a terrible habit of being emotional when she really should be dispassionate, she makes snap decisions while being prone to unexpected sessions of awkwardness and fallibility. She is occasionally delightfully sadistic and gratuitous. – AND she has died several times!

This is ALL woman! (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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