Production 7
Direction 8
Characterisation 7
Storyline 9
Acting 8
Fun/Sexy/Cool 9

This is the wackiest of all the shorts reviewed. I’m not sure of the story and will therefore try and concentrate on as literal a transposition as possible.

Summary 8.0 great
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Direction 0
Characterisation 0
Storyline 0
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Aeon Flux: Short Episodes: Tide

This is the wackiest of all the shorts reviewed. I’m not sure of the story and will therefore try and concentrate on as literal a transposition as possible – so frightened that I missed something  :).

A large key at the end of a rope is lowered into a socket housed on a platform by the sea. A gunshot is fired by Aeon Flux and knocks the key stopping it from locating into the platform socket. (are you with me so far?) She then runs into an elevator on floor seven. Trevor is there with a woman dressed red. He is hiding close to the door. As Aeon enters, he selects all the floors on the elevator panel and rushes out. Aeon spots him and quickly grabs him back. The door closes. Aeon points a gun at him demanding the key he is holding.

Trevor defiantly throws the key behind some pipes. Aeon goes to retrieve it and we see that the key ring has the number two marked on it. Unfortunately, Aeon is only able to retrieve the key, the key-chain is trapped behind the pipe. She therefore does not see the number. The blonde woman revives herself but does not interfere with Aeon (a wise move).

The door opens on floor number six and Aeon gives the gun to the woman and runs out. A man fires at her but he misses and Aeon places the key in the keyhole of a door (marked six). The happy threesomeThe key doesn’t fit. She makes her way back to the elevator shooting at the bloke and also the large plunger shaped key on the platform. The plunger thingy wobbles and is unable to locate into the holder on the platform.

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Inside the elevator, Trevor tries to encourage the woman come closer. Aeon Flux returns and handcuffs Trevor to a nearby bar. The elevator reaches floor number five. Aeon rushes out and repeats the same exercise as before. The bloke shoots, misses, the key doesn’t fit in the door and the plunger on the platform wobbles after being hit by one of Aeon’s bullets.

I absolutely loved this episode, fun, unusual and definitely bonkers…. or did I miss something?  38,833 out of 10. What did you think?

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