Andromeda: People: Tyr Anasazi

Wadda mean looking dude! He made a grand entrance in the first two episodes when he boarded the Andromeda as a mercenary. He is played menacingly well by Keith Hamilton Cobb

Tyr AnasaziIf I were to meet him in a pub I’d stroll over to him and pick a fight. I’d win of course and casually glancing back at the bloody, whimpering mess that was Tyr Anasazi, I’d calmly walk off with his wives. I’d take them back to my place and … and … just as it was getting to the good bit, I’d wake up!

He didn’t make a particularly good entrance o­n the Andromeda. Before joining the crew, he worked as a mercenary for a Nightsider and his first activity o­n Andromeda was to shoot a bunch of helpless robots with breast. …erm.. he didn’t kill them with breasts, I meant that the robots had breasts.

Harper o­nce said that Tyr Anasazi is a ‘Nietzschean with a chip o­n his shoulder.And for good reason.

Nietzschean’s are not particularly well liked by any other race. But Tyr feels even MORE alone. He is the son of Barberosa (son of Hannibal) out of Victoria (I think that’s his mum?!) and veteran and o­nly surviving Pride member of a Nietzschean clan war. His family clan, the Codiac, were all killed.

The Codiac Pride was betrayed by it’s allies. They were entrusted with the remains of the original Progeny, Drago Mussovenye. Tyr actually saw the mummified remains when he was young. Other Nietzschean’s would make pilgrimages from all over the galaxy to see it. Unfortunately the Drago Katzoff Pride claimed that they were the rightful guardians and conspired with others (Codiac Pride allies) to overthrow them.

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Tyr saw his mother murdered and those of his Pride that weren’t killed were scattered throughout the Galaxy and faded into obscurity. He then went o­n to roam space leading a small group of mercenaries trying to prove his genetic worth in the hope of impressing another clan family to take him in.

Tyr is very impressed with weaponry especially big weaponry. He considers large armaments and big guns as things that can help him achieve thing (as opposed to Hunt who considers them to be destructive).

He has had a couple of run-ins with the Captain, physically they are fairly well matched, Tyr got clobbered quite badly when he made the now infamous mistake of telling Dylan Hunt that he could never defeat him.

Try Anasazi looks menacing, yet he’s quietly spoken. I think that deep down, he is just a big softy that has yet to get close to his feminine side. Yeah right! – the geezer is a total git and is absolutely NOT trustworthy (unless it suits Tyr to be so).

I’m not too sure if it’s Codiak or Kodiak – Nan wrote me this email to try and help:

Tyr Anasazi’s clan is “Kodiak”. It’s subspecies of brown bear native to Kodiak island. A grizzly bear, essentially. They’re freakin’ huge. Head bigger than your average 10 year old, paws compared to “sledgehammers” ….


Considering he plays a big Nietzschean thug, Keith Hamilton Cobb is quite a cool ‘netfriendly’ geezer. He’s most recognized for his role as Noah Keefer in “All my children”, but he’s been in other stuff too:

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“BeastMaster” (1999) as “Akile”

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (1990) as “Royce # 1”

Keith has a very cool website at:

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