Andromeda: S02E14: Be All My Sins Remembered

An epsiode review by phoenixfire31

“I trust fast poison,
The stars to wink out
And you, my love – and you”

Lyric from “The Void,”
By Mistral D’Becevex CY 9905

The show opens with Beka and Tyr in an, compromising position. With Beka underneath Tyr and there’s a lot of grunting and sweating. For a second there I thought the two of them were… uh… you know. But Beka then flips Tyr over and says “Ha reversal gotcha how many points is that?” According to Tyr the score evens out at zero. Oh they were wrestling. Right I knew that all I along. Beka is confused as to why they need to be wrestling, Tyr tells her that being on a powerful ship like the Andromeda makes them complacent, they don’t work on their own fighting and let the ship do everything.

Tyr then gets Beka in a chokehold and after struggling for a moment Beka bites Tyr’s hand and manages to get out of the hold. Tyr starts to laugh and Beka pins him on the ground sitting on top of him, and that’s when Dylan walks in… He takes one look at their position and promptly turns around mumbling something about not wanting to know what they are doing. Then after a second though Dylan turns around and suddenly wants to know what they are doing. Tyr starts to laugh again and insinuates to Dylan that they were doing something R rated. Beka slaps him lightly and tells Tyr to shut up.

Maybe she doesn’t want Dylan thinking she’s taken hmm I wonder? This was a really cool scene it didn’t have anything to do with the plot, but I love these parts of the show because it gives you look of the crew when they’re not dealing with the enemy of the week.

Dylan then informs Beka that she has a message about a Robert Jenson “What did he do now and what is it gonna cost me?” demands Beka looking at the message. “He’s dead,” says Dylan effectively killing the fun mood. Beka was listed as Bobby’s next of kin and she has to go identify the body. But Beka is worried because the Andromeda has to go deal with a crisis on some planet and she wants to know what they are going to do about it; the ship can’t be in two places at once, looks like somebody is trying to avoid her past. Dylan tells her to take the Maru and do what she has to do. Tyr asks Beka about Bobby, and Beka says he was “just the love of my life.” on the bridge Andromeda is telling Dylan about the problems on Atlanta Hazen Brown what a weird name.

The planet seems to be in a bad spot, earthquakes volcanoes people crawling over the backs of the dead to save there own asses, defiantly in need of Andromeda assistance. And that is just what they are gonna get, Andromeda is gonna evacuate the planet and bring the people somewhere safe.

On the Maru Beka is preparing to leave and Trance comes in and asks Beka if she needs a friend. Beka says she fine. Trance then tells her she’s a great listener and Beka smiles and tells her that she’s fine and is over Bobby. As Trance leaves Dylan asks her to take a slip fighter and start to organize the evacuation on Atlanta Hazen Brown, correction what a dumb name. Dylan decides that he is going to go with Beka and help her with the Bobby situation. Beka doesn’t want him to come. Dylan then reminds her that she can’t even leave the Maru without him saying so and if he doesn’t come she doesn’t go. Dylan then reminds her of all of the crewmembers he has had to bury and he doesn’t want her to do this alone. Harper announces that he’s coming to, but unlike Dylan he’s coming to make sure that Bobby is good and dead. Harper doesn’t seem to have the highest opinion of Bobby and describes him as “self righteous with a bad temper.”

As the Maru takes off Dylan places Tyr in command of the evacuation mission and as a last reminder says, “and Tyr, don’t break my ship.” Dylan walks into what must be the crew quarters on the Maru. It’s really just a room with hard black metal bunks. Hi says Harper which really freaks Dylan out because Harper is in what would be the top bunk and Dylan didn’t see him. Harper then points Dylan to a bunk that belonged to a dead crewmember, nothing contagious fortunately for Dylan. Dylan goes to sit down and bumps his head on the back wall. These bunks are pretty sparse compared to Andromeda.

Dylan asks Harper about Bobby and Harper tells Dylan that Bobby was not a nice person, “Hey you wanna meet him?” asks Harper and Dylan looks a little confused. But Harper pulls out a recording device, it’s a virtual image of bobby, he’s kind of cute has that whole rugged tall dark and handsome thing going on, kind of like Dylan but with more rough around the edges. Bobby is telling Harper that they are shipmates, not friends, and that this ship belongs to Beka and “Beka belongs to me,” yeah, real nice guy. Virtual Harper then notices Bobby’s neural port and remarks about how he’s always wanted one.

He goes for a closer look and Virtual Bobby hits virtual Harper. Did you see that demands Harper as the recording stops he hit me. Dylan then reminds Harper that he was trying to touch Bobby’s neural port and Harper hates it when people try to touch his. To which Harper replies, “When I hit them it’s with love.” Harper then tells Dylan that Bobby felt threatened. “By you,” asks Dylan incredulously hehehe.

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Beka then informs Dylan and Harper that they have reached the Katzcata system. As soon as the Maru comes out of slipstream stuff starts hitting them, it’s proximity mines. The ship is getting kicked around and Harper is pretty mad that Beka flew them into a minefield. Beka tells him that there wasn’t a minefield the last time she was here. Dylan tells her to cut all the power, “When you walk into a minefield, you hold still.” Harper does what he is told and shuts down all the power. He lights a few lanterns and the three make a distress call to the Andromeda and decide to wait for the ship to come and help them out.

Dylan, Harper and Beka are sitting around and Dylan wants some more information on Bobby. Beka thinks that Dylan would have liked him. Flash back to Beka in a cave with straight red hair getting shot at. She goes for some cover behind some rocks and Bobby makes his entrance and joins Beka behind the rock and starts shooting with her at the nameless bad guys. “Why is it that when the going gets tough my partners get going,” asks Beka. Then she wonders what Bobby is doing and he tells her that she’s cuter then everyone else and that is why he stayed. Bobby then, sounding a lot like Dylan, tells Beka that she needs a worthy cause to fight for and that now Beka is Bobby’s cause and the two kiss.

Back in the future Beka tells Dylan that people were mining Thoreum 232, which is a highly radioactive and deadly compound. Unfortunately nobody told the miners and they were dying by the truckload. So Bobby organized a miners union to try and help. Dylan agrees with Beka that he would have liked Bobby. Harper is harder to convince.

Flash back again to Beka and Bobby in naked and in bed together I wonder how she described that scene to Dylan and Harper. Bobby mentions some kid on earth named Seamus Harper who is going to help them get the parts that they need. Bobby promised Harper a ticket off of earth in return for his help. But in reality Bobby was going to get the equipment and leave Harper to catch the blame. Beka tells Bobby that he better not ever lie to her. “See why I hated him?” asked Harper to Dylan as we go back to the future. But Beka reminds Harper that Bobby saved Harpers life, when asks Harper.

Flashback again to a younger Harper with cuts on his face and his hair a little longer and spiked. Harper had just snuck in to a storage room and by snuck in I mean shot down the doors, “way to sneak in Shesmbeck,” says Beka sarcastically, “It’s Harper.” Harper then starts to hit on Beka telling her that she should leave that creep Bobby. He has a few good points she tells Harper. Really, like what asks Harper. But before Beka can answer some Neitschean come in and start shooting at them. That when Bobby comes in, standing high on some Boxes he starts shooting down the bad guy with a really bug gun, bigger that Tyr’s. Bobby does some quick shooting and the Neitschean are done. “One of his good points, he’s very protective.” Beka thanks Bobby by making out with him.

Harper and Beka are now in the cockpit of the Maru and Harper tells Beka that he’s never been in space before, “I like it, the air don’t stink up here.” The ship gets knocked around and Harper wants to know if that’s normal. The Neitschean are now shooting at the Maru. Harper changes his mind about space and Beka makes a run to Saturn to hide in the rings. Beka wants to dump the cargo and run away but Bobby is adamant about keeping it. Beka reminds Bobby that these Neitschean torture their allies, Harper ties to say something but Beka tells him, “Why don’t you go outside and play while daddy and I talk.” Harper leaves but not before mentioning that the cargo is surface to air missiles.

Now Beka is pissed, she though they were getting computers, “They have computers in them,” says Bobby trying to save his own ass. Harper is now being held in the air by his neck by Bobby. Bobby is telling Beka that the missiles were for the poor slave race, but Beka is really mad because Bobby lied to her. “Copper come with me,” says Beka “It’s Harper.” Beka tries to dump the cargo but Bobby has taken control and won’t let her. Bobby then tries to make a run for it and Beka tells Harper to go and stop him, Harper isn’t really keen on the ides seeing as how much bigger Bobby is but Beka offers Harper a place on her ship if he does like she asks. Harper finds Bobby and pulls a wire out of his data port; Bobby is now fully pissed and starts choking Harper.

Beka tells Bobby to put Harper down, Bobby doesn’t listen, “Bobby I mean it put him down,” says Beka and pulls a gun on him. Bobby puts Harper down and Beka tells him to dump the cargo, Harper does and the bombs hit the Neitschean ship and blow it up. Bobby then tries to get on Beka’s good side; he talks about the bombs being the big score and saving the poor slaves and about having a cause. Beka says Bobby shouldn’t have lied to her and that her cause is herself and she tells Bobby to leave.

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But now Beka kind of feels bad about getting rid of Bobby because now she has a cause. Dylan tells her he’s happy things worked out the way they did because the Maru saved him, and now they work together. A noise is heard outside the ship and inside they get worried and think it’s a bomb. But it’s no bomb, it’s Bobby, and he’s no longer tall dark and handsome, more like tall metal and creepy. He has one eye a big metal chest plate a metal arm, very menacing. Kind of like future Beka we saw in Ouroboros only way scarier. “Beka are you happy to see me?” he asks.

We see a shot outside and it shows two ships stuck together, so that’s what that sound was. Dylan points his force lance at Bobby, but Bobby tells him to give it up, two more people enter the ship. one is a tall brunette girl in this slutty purple plastic outfit. And the other is an alien guy with ridges on his face and deep set eyes, one of the slave inhabitants of the planet. Again Bobby tells Dylan to give up his force lance, “Nice to see you Seamus,” says Bobby, but we can tell he’s being sarcastic.

Bobby then tells the crew of the Maru that the slave people aren’t doing very well and need some help. Dylan tells Bobby that he always loves to help people in need. But Dylan wants peace between the colonists and the slaves but that’s not what Bobby wants. Bobby leaves and heads for the cockpit of he Maru leaving the purple girl named Margot and the local named Lem to watch the prisoners. Margot is sizing up the competition IE Beka and comments that Bobby never liked blondes to whom Beka says, “Funny he never took out the trash either,” ouch.

Bobby then calls for Beka to come to the bridge, when she gets there Bobby takes it as a sign that she still cares. Beka asks if he wants her to help him, Bobby says he wants her to help the cause. “He wants the Andromeda,” says Dylan as he makes his entrance followed by Margot whom was worried about what was going on between Bobby and his old fling. Bobby then demands the Andromeda in twenty minutes or he’ll kill Beka, Harper and Dylan. Bobby has apparently done his homework and talks about all of Andromeda’s weapons and what he plans to do with them. Dylan then tells Bobby that Andromeda doesn’t deal with hostage takers, ever. Dylan was wondering of power sharing with the colonists might be a good idea, but Bobby says they need complete control. Now we see the true difference between Bobby and Dylan, Bobby wants to rule the planet once the colonists are gone, he claims that they former slaves wont’ be able to govern themselves but now we see Bobby for the scum bag he is.

Dylan makes the call to Andromeda and tells them to come to Kazcotta Dylan doesn’t say anything about current hostage situation. Tyr notices that Dylan’s heart is racing and he’s sweating like a crazy person. Tyr starts to wonder what Dylan isn’t telling them. Rommie wants to know what he’s really saying. Andromeda replays the message and focuses on Dylan’s eyes. Rommie counts the number of blinks and recognizes code 14-5 Dylan has “Been taken hostage in a war zone situation” pretty cool trick. Rommie tells Tyr that in this type of situation she won’t negotiate and will kill Dylan if she has to.

Dylan is now being led down a corridor on the Andromeda at gunpoint by Lem the local native that is working with Bobby. Dylan is trying to make small talk with him but lem just keeps saying “No talkLem doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Lem has Dylan lift a grate and go underneath in a small compartment and is locked inside. We learn that Lems people the Magoni like swamps. He is fighting because the colonists have destroyed all the swamps on the planet. Dylan tells Lem that killing all the colonists won’t bring back the swamps.

Cut to Bobby stroking Bekas hair with his metal hand yeah that’s real sexy, Beka asks Bobby to let the others go, she said that Dylan hasn’t done anything to him, Bobby tells Beka that Dylan hasn’t done anything for him. Eww how could Beka ever have been into this guy, what a jerk. Beka tells him that things could be just like before, “just like before?” asks Bobby and then Beka notices the metal plate that he wears over his torso, and you have to wonder about the extent of the damage that was done to Bobby. Bobby then says that he chooses his cause over Beka.

Margo then goes to visit Dylan. The two talk and it becomes pretty clear that Margo doesn’t have a lot of love or respect for the Magoni slave people. Dylan talks to Margo and realizes that the only reason she is with Bobby is because she wants to rule the planet, “It’s good to be queen,” she says in this super annoying tone that make you want to slap her. Margo tells Dylan that the people already know how to serve because they were slaves, so now they can serve her. What a bitch. Margo leaves and Lem comes in apparently he was listening the whole time Dylan wants to know what Lem thinks about his comrades now. Lem just says that Bobby isn’t like that. “Glad you know what your doing,” Dylan calls to Lem as he leaves.

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Cut to Harper who is hanging by his wrists from the wall Harper is asking Bobby why he was Jealous of him. Bobby thinks it was because of Beka but Harper tells him it was the Data port, “Mines bigger,” says Harper to Bobby “No it’s not,” says Bobby upon a closer look. Suddenly the ship gets knocked around and Dylan tells Bobby that it’s the Andromeda with grappling hooks attaching themselves to the Maru. Bobby is very impressed with the Andromeda and tries to contact the ship but Andromeda won’t respond, and Bobby wants to know why. Dylan tells Bobby that Andromeda will only talk to him and not in a hostage situation. Bobby however doesn’t seem to have much patience and messes with the engine so they will explode in 20 min. if Andromeda doesn’t respond.

Dylan is alone and trying to pick the lock of his cage. He calls for Lem and says he wants to talk, that they’re only gonna be alive for 20 min. they might as well get to know each other. Lem thinks that Bobby will win, but Dylan tells him that he’s on the wrong side. Bobby is going to make them slaves just like the colonists did.

Back on the Andromeda Tyr wants information he needs options. Rommie starts going through this whole list of sarcastic options. She even makes a joke about dematerializing Dylan on the Maru and then rematerializing him on the Andromedafunny star trek joke. Tyr makes his own suggestion about being preemptive and shooting the Maru, the two decide to wait.

Back in the Maru Beka comes in followed by Margo who has a gun on Beka. Margo tells Dylan to stop putting ideas in Lems head, Dylan tells Margo that Lem is smarter than she gives him credit for. “In fact I think most people are smarter than you give them credit for,” says Dylan who is referring to Beka who is now kicking Margo’s ass. Now those wrestling moves that Tyr was showing Beka are really coming in handy. Beka wins and throws Margo over the banister, “Hey it’s good to see you,” said Dylan to Beka. Beka goes to shoot the lock but Dylan tells her that it will blow up if she shoots it. Beka goes to find the key. Enter Lem who is a little skittish, he throws Dylan the key to the lock and then scurries off.

Beka has found Bobby and pulls a gun on him; Bobby tells her that he’s a lot harder to kill these days. Beka tells Bobby that she believes in his cause, but now she works with Dylan. Beka tells Bobby that Dylan never lied to her and she shoots, but Bobby comes out unharmed. Meanwhile Dylan has managed to get out of his cage and now starts fighting hand to hand with Bobby, now this is a really long fight scene, Bobby knocks Beka out by throwing her into the wall, and now he’s starting to beat up Dylan. Beka wakes up and sees a wire that is shooting sparks, she grabs it and pushes it in Bobby electrocuting him. “Beka!” yells Bobby in his last moments and then dies. Dylan tells Lem to get Harper and have him stop the engines from blowing up. Beka looks kind of numb as she stares at the dead Bobby.

Back on the Andromeda the ship tells Tyr that the Maru will not be blown up. “Dylan did that,” says Rommie smugly to Tyr. Later on, Beka is flying the Andromeda and Dylan reminds her that the ship is orbit and doesn’t need to be flown, Beka says that she just want’s to keep busy. Dylan has peace talks happening on the planet, but not with much progress. Beka is just upset about how much Bobby had changed and what she had to do. Dylan leaves Bake alone on command to be with her thoughts. And that where our episode ends all complete wrapped up with a pretty bow. Hey wait what about Trance and the people with the stupid name Atlanta Hazen Brown? Other than that minor inconstancy I really liked this episode, it was cool to see how Harper and Beka met. I have to admit that I never liked Bobby he seemed like a total scumbag from the moment he stepped on screen, but you could tell that Beka had a thing for him. Lisa Ryder did a great job of showing the conflicting thoughts that were going through Beka’s head as past and present collided.

I give this episode a 42,000 out of 10, what did you think?

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