Babylon 5: S04E01: The Hour of the Wolf

.. Sheridans kama-kasi mission to Z’ha’dum has left the women on Babylon 5 in mourning. Everyone thinks he is dead and none of the War Council members (other than Delenn) will support a trip to the ‘planet of no return‘ to find out if he is still alive.

Cartagia welcomes LondoThe Centauri Emperor, Cartagia {Car-ta-sha}, has summoned Londo to his homeworld. This geezer is completely nutty. To Londos dismay, Cartagia has allowed the Shadows to base their ships on Centauri Prime. A badly burned Morden is influencing the Emperor by promising to give him godhood in return for assistance. Londo also finds out that Cartagia has systematically executed ministers who objected to his policies and keeps their heads in a secret room where he talks to them late at night. As baddies go, Cartagia is turning out to be great!

A frazzled MordenLondo also finds that Morden has survived Sheridans attack on Z’ha’dum, and although he is a bit frazzled, he still has some influence – particularly with Cartagia.

The ‘Lovely Lyta, Vorlon Maid’ is upset at the new Koshes attitude. He is a bit rough in their energy/information exchanges and she senses a new hostility. To be honest, she never really looked like she was enjoying them much before. Lyta suggests to Ivanova a trip to Z’ha’dum to find Sheridan by searching for the remains of the first Kosh that are inside him.

On Z’ha’dum we see that Sheridan has met a new friend, not an old one, but THE old one.  Ivanovas ship with Lyta and Lennier on board, seems to locate Sheridan and Delenn tries to get a message to him. Unfortunately he does not respond before they are chased away by a Shadow vessel, escaping in the nick of time thanks to Lenniers forward thinking.  Ivanova concludes that Sheridan is dead, Delenn however, is convinced otherwise…

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