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Click to hear Lyta say, 'Captain, they're pissed.'Patricia Tallman is gorgeous as Lyta Alexander.

Lyta interned with the PsiCops, but wasn’t rated high enough to be o­ne herself (all PsiCops are P12).  Her rating is that of a P5 (not particularly high).  She became Babylon 5’s first commercial telepath in 2257. Her Psi rating is now a lot higher thanks to her association with the Vorlons.  Lyta is intelligent and beautiful, not glittery or false, she glows like honey in sunlight and…. all right I’ll cut out the mush.

If you met Lyta in a pub you’d notice a Sad Geezer trying desperately to win her affection. It would get quite embarrassing and she would probably leave.

Lyta helped to save the Vorlon, Kosh from an assassination attempt in 2257 when she scanned his brain to see if there was a way of locating the poison.  Her masters, the Psi Corps found out about this and summoned her.  They interrogated her ruthlessly trying to find out what she knew about Vorlon physiology.

Lyta escaped and managed to get back to Babylon 5 where she informed the Captain that Talia Winters was a Psi Corps spy. In 2260 she left with Kosh for the Vorlon homeworld as his aid. Her telepathic abilities were increased and she was able to communicate more effectively via a rather scary looking pyrotechnic thought transfer process. When she communicates in this way you are able to see her ‘gills‘ which presumably enable her to breathe while she has a mouth full of Vorlon.

In an episode following the Vorlon/Shadow war, she got a telling off from Sheridan for alerting the Shadows that Sheridan and Bester were o­n their way, so that Bester would not be able to get the machinery he wanted. Although he didn’t punish her too harshly, I still think that she is far too lovely to be spoken to like that. And another thing, Zack Allen has far more important things to do than turn up at her place with wine and a pizza. She should have told him to clear off.

Lyta gets 'strapped in'.Lyta played an important role in the resistance towards the end of Series Four.   Despite being being disliked by the gorgeous Number o­ne, she helped the resistance and assisted in releasing Sheridan from his captors o­n Mars.

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She was having a bad time of things.  Having an obvious Psi capability, she found that she was unable to get work o­n Babylon 5.  People didn’t trust her because of her association with the Vorlons and she couldn’t get a normal Psi job without a reference from the Psi Corps who disliked her almost as much as she disliked them.

In the end, our old friend Bester came up with a solution.  She had to sign over her body!! so that when she died he could examine it (kinky huh!?), and in return she would become a sort of non-working but registered Psi person, she could get a job and put food o­n the table.  Bester is a helpful and fun guy don’t you thinkLyta' goes bare back riding?

Lyta had a relationship with the head of a bunch of telepaths called Byron.   It is a doomed affair.  While making love to Byron, Lyta let it be known that the Vorlons created the telepaths for use in the war against the Shadows.   Byron’s followers were upset by this and the news escalated the confrontation between the telepaths and mundanes.

Following Byron’s death, Lyta became a harder, more determined individual.  She begins to use her special powers and determination to take o­n Byron’s dream of finding a homeworld for the telepaths.  She has arranged with the Narns that telepath DNA be made available so that the Narns may create their own telepaths.

Lyta has certainly become moreThe white eyes of Lyta! ruthless and, in a trip to the Drazi Freehold with Franklin, she was seen to control the mind of an attacker.   She forces the Drazi assassin to turn the gun o­n himself and fire!

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There was also a scene in Darkness Ascending where she is seen to be controlling Garibaldi’s dreams.  She tells him, when he inadvertently wakes up,  that she is practising the powers that the Vorlons have given her – then she sends him back to sleep again.

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