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Lorien chats to Dead-Sheridan and Lyta, Delenn and Ivanova go to Za’ha’Dum to find him. Garibaldi was taken by Psi Cops and G’Kar is in chains

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Babylon 5: S04E02: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi

Garibaldi has also been, missing. In this episode we see his ship seemingly ‘resting’ on top of a Shadow vessel abandoned. Most people believe that he died on patrol. His old pal G’Kar has vowed to find him and finds a piece of his ship. Unfortunately G’Kar is captured by Centauri Guards during his investigations.

Lorien and SheridanOn Z’ha’dum the old one, Lorien, keeps talking in riddles to Sheridan who doesn’t give a toss and simply wants to go home. You start to wonder, as you watch this old geezer, how he has lasted so long. Any normal person would have stabbed him by now. Is the reason he’s all alone because he has driven everyone else mad? Is he on Z’ha’dum because the other members of his race can’t stand the inane chatter and pointless riddles? Or am I impatient with the dude because I’m a Sad Geezer impatient for scenes of battleships, special effects and Lyta?

Delenn is missing Sheridan and still not eating properly. She comes up with this great plan to muster all the remaining Rangers and make one last attempt to destroy Z’ha’dum. Understandably, the Rangers are a little worried by this, they know that such a mission would fail. Delenn is quite insistent however. I’m glad I’m not a Ranger!

Lyta, Delenn and Ivanova head out to see if they can locate and bring back Sheridan.  They fail to see, hear or feel any trace of him.

Garibaldi, confined & confusedGaribaldi is in a dank, round, dark room. An invisible interrogator is questioning him. There seem to be a lot of questions about what he remembers. The significance of this unclear. Garibaldi is getting sick and tired of this also and starts smashing the place up. He is soon subdued with some sort of gas. Then we see a figure dressed in a Psi Corps uniform enter the room.  Just as we are about to find out The old bore Lorienwhatever happened to Mr Garibaldi, we cut back to that pratt, Lorien again.

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Lorien tells Sheridan that he is dead. Sheridan, understandably, does not believe him although he can’t find his own pulse. Then a really weird conversation takes place where it seems that Lorien is trying to persuade Sheridan to accept death so that he may (with Loriens help) live again. Tell me, would you trust some old git who told you to do this? Sheridan does! and his last word before he slopes off is ‘Delenn‘.


Another great show, 31,011 out of 10.  What did you think?

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