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The plot thickens, but we still don’t know who is behind the Centauri War. We saw, in earlier episodes not one, but two different races pulling the strings on Centauri Prime

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Babylon 5: S05E16: And All My Dreams Torn Asunder

In Delenns Quarters, Sheridan wakes form a lonely sleep to find Delenn sitting in the next room alone. She has her head turned away and tears are in her eyes. Later, much later, it is morning and Sheridan, who also looks depressed as hell, tells Delenn that the shower is free.

The Alliance ambassadors begin a closed session and we also see Londo and Vir attempt to enter. A rather awkward Zack tells them that it is a closed session. Londo protests and Zack pleads, “Don’t do this Londo, it will only make things worse.” Londo storms off and Vir looks at poor old Zack and says, “Worse than WHAT! Mr Allen?”

Garibaldi delivers his evidenceIn the Council Chambers Delenn and Sheridan address the other members. They prove, with the help of the videotape and depositions from Franklin, Garibaldi, Lennier and others, that the Centauri are guilty!. This is stirring and conclusive stuff! There is surprise and consternation in the Council Chamber and also resignation and relief (especially from the Drazi). Each person gives their testimony as Vir and Londo review transcripts in the privacy of their quarters.

Eventually G’Kar comes to tell Londo that the other alliance members are ready to see him now. G’Kar tells a relieved Londo that he did or will not be testifying against the Centauri but that he did see Londo’s face and concern about some of the activities while they were on Centauri Prime.

In the Council Chamber, Londo gives a convincing and impassioned performance in defence of the Centauri. He tells them that the Centauri have been set up using circumstantial evidence. As far as Londo is concerned, there is no evidence to refute.

Londos defenceWhen the video evidence is played to Londo you are able to see that he is visibly shaken (so was everyone else). He informs his accusers that he will have to consult with his government. Sheridan concludes by stating that the Centauri will suffer a blockade; any Centauri ship found in Alliance space will be boarded and turned back. Resistance will be met with ultimate force.

Londo waits in his quarters for his government’s reply. Vir considers that they may be taking their time because the allegations are true. Londo dismisses this believing still, that the Centauri have been set up. Then, the Minister Cholini appears on the screen.

The Minister is a very slimy but convincing character played exceptionally well by some Brit actor (Brits make the best baddies). You are able to see that the Minister is trying desperately to convince a sceptical Vir and Londo that the video evidence is either a forgery, or indeed, that the whole battle was staged. Londo decides not to argue and asks for the Centauri Republic official response.

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In the Council Chamber Londo forcefully denies the evidence saying that it was an elaborate hoax. He adds that the Centauri would not be threatened by anyone and therefore the Centauri Republic formally withdraws from the Alliance. Finally he tells the shocked members that the Centauri does not recognise the blockade and that all Centauri transports will be accompanied by one of their finest fighters. Any gunfire on a Centauri ship will therefore be taken as an act of war.

After a verbal altercation with Sheridan. Londo tells the members that he will be returning to Centauri Prime to consult with his government about the situation and re-iterates the warning that there must be no firing on Centauri Warships if war is to be avoided.

Londo and Vir leave and Vir is asked to book Londo on the next available ship back to Centauri Prime. Convinced that the Alliance will back down and even apologise once they know that the Centauri have been set up, Londo reassures Vir not to worry.

After the meeting, Delenn visits G’Kar in his quarters. He tells her that he will be accompanying Londo on his trip back to Centauri Prime as his bodyguard. Londo is unaware of this yet, but G’Kar feels that it is necessary. If, as Delenn and he suspect, Londo knows nothing of the Centauri plot, he will try to stop it and will need all the help he can getA warm and friendly meeting with Delenn.

In a touching scene, G’Kar asks that the last chapters of his book are complete and that if something bad should happen to him on Centauri Prime, she would make sure that the transcripts got back to Narn. Delenn tells him with a tear in her eye, that she thinks he is the finest writer she has ever known. The two part, G’Kar clasping his chest with his right hand (obviously a respectful Narn ‘goodbye’ gesture) and Delenn reciprocates by placing her hand on his chest (obviously a respectful Minbari gesture).

I think I’d prefer to be a Minbari in this respectful gesture bit. I wonder, are Minbari males allowed to place a hand on a Minbari female’s chest when they respectfully say goodbye? If so, I’d be saying goodbye an awful lot more that hello, good grief! Anytime you felt like a good grope, just give a tearful look, grab a Minbari woman’s breast, and say goodbye!

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In Blue Sector, Sheridan meets with Zack in the corridor. He asks him to find Garibaldi and meet him in his quarters as soon as possible.

Zack confronts GaribaldiZack enters Garibaldi’s quarters after carefully hiding the booze. Zack notices that Garibaldi is drunk. They argue about it, Garibaldi is bothered that Zack is being self-righteous. Zack is hurt by some of the references to his troubled past. Zack puts his PPG on the table and says that there are faster ways to hurt him than the tack he is using. He tells Garibaldi that he is concerned, as a friend.  Garibaldi asks if he is going to “turn him in”. Zack agrees to give Garibaldi some time to help himself get back into shape.

In Sheridans quarters, Garibaldi is instructed to co-ordinate the fleet of White Stars by making sure that the Centauri Warships are shadowed. Garibaldi tells Sheridan that he should rely on him. He will get it done!

Londo and G’Kar arrive on Centauri Prime, they are greeted with a view of a squadron of Centauri Warships flying overhead. They meet up with the Minister Cholini, (slimy geezer) and Londo is told that he cannot meet with the Regent as he requested until the Regent is ready to see him.

Baldi is out for thew count!There is an urgent message from White Star 43. The captain has intelligence about a small fleet of Centauri Warships and a transport making ready to enter Drazi space. But Garibaldi has passed out in his quarters – Oh come on Baldi – WAKE UP!

The captain uploads information and asks that Sheridan be told immediately. Meanwhile the Centauri ships exit the jumpgate in front of about twenty Drazi Warships. Tense moments follow as the Brakiri instruct the Centauri Warships to either turn back or prepare to be boarded. The Centauri ships continue to advance. The Brakiri open fire just as White Star 43 exits hyperspace and appears on the scene. The battle is fierce and bloody, in fact it was bloody wonderful! Loads of sexy spaceships getting blown to smithereens – great special effects!

Back on Babylon 5, Garibaldi, Sheridan and Delenn are in the Council Chamber. Sheridan is anxious and asks Garibaldi what happened. Garibaldi tells him that he didn’t know; “The Centauri just managed to slip by the blockade.” Delenn wants to know who fired first. Garibaldi fudges by saying that there were a lot of rumours flying around, but he’s sure the Centauri fired the first shot.

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This is serious stuff. Not only was Garibaldi not doing his job, he was feeding the wrong information to the key decision-makers. The Centauri firing first would justify an all out war on the Centauri Republic; The Drazi firing first would constitute the Centauri simply trying to defend themselves.

At this point the Alliance ambassadors enter, led by the Drazi. They want to know why the White Star fleet has not formally engaged the Centauri. A whopping argument then begins. Sheridan is fuming and shouts above the noise. He angrily tells them….

“We gave you a promise, and we are bound by that promise! And damn you for asking it! And damn me for agreeing to it! And damn us all to hell because that’s exactly where we’re going! We talked about peace. But you didn’t want peace! We talked about co-operation. You didn’t want co-operation! You want war. Is that it? You want a war? Well, you’ve got a war! “

Londo and G'Kar meet Minister ChiolinOn Centauri Prime Londo and G’Kar are sleeping, when the Minister Cholini enters their quarters to tell them that the Centauri Republic is now officially at war with the Alliance. The slimy geezer seems almost pleased about it. He adds that all communication with Babylon 5 has been stopped and that G’Kar must spend the duration of the war in a cell. Londo refuses saying that G’Kar is a diplomat and where G’Kar goes, he goes. Londo and G’Kar are locked in a cell. Londo tells G’Kar that sometimes he doesn’t understand things anymore.

On Babylon 5, Sheridan puts his arm around Delenn’s shoulder. They philosophise sadly about the escalating war. She leans her head against his.

And another complex, irritating but nevertheless marvellous episode ends.  The plot thickens, but we still don’t know who is behind the Centauri War. We saw, in earlier episodes not one, but two different races pulling the strings on Centauri Prime.

This epsiode was as awesome as usual – gripping and fun too.  Gadda rate this a bigger than big 34,438 out of 10

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