Production 7
Direction 8
Characterisation 7
Storyline 8
Acting 8
Fun/Sexy/Cool 8

The Vorlons destroy two more colonies and people on Babylon 5 are getting very worried – The local Vorlon needs to go!

Summary 7.7 great
Production 8
Direction 9
Characterisation 10
Storyline 9
Acting 9
Fun/Sexy/Cool 9
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Summary 9.0 awesome

Babylon 5: S04E04: Falling Toward Apotheosis

The Vorlons destroy two more colonies and people on Babylon 5 are getting very worried. Sheridan and Lorien are still inseparable and this worries Garibaldi who has never liked the geezer.  He is becoming increasingly sceptical about Sheridans motives.   He has noticed that Sheridan is avoiding him.

Morden & LondoMeanwhile back on Centauri Prime, under Mordens influence, Cartagia and Londo are at loggerheads over allowing the Shadows to base themselves on the Centauri Homeworld, especially when they will almost certainly suffer the Vorlons wrath as a result.  Cartagia takes Londo into his confidence and shows him his ‘Shadow Cabinet’ i.e. Cartagias collection of decapitated ministers whome he has been in consultaion with over the Shadow/Vorlon Crisis. He explains to Londo that his aim is to allow the Vorlons to destroy Centauri Prime so that it may act as an inauguration pyre for his ascension to godhood.

As Ivanova reports that more planets are falling to the Vorlon advance, Sheridan decides that enough is enough and that the only course of action is to ‘take out’ the Vorlon Kosh. The Vorlon is acting like a real git. When Garibaldi visits Kosh with a small ‘team’ to ask him to leave, Kosh simply replies ‘No‘. A scuffle ensues leaving Garibaldis men gasping for air, and the Vorlon completely unruffled.

Lyta then tricks Kosh into a confrontation with Sheridan,A Vorlon bites the dust a whole team of security guards, a remnant of Kosh Naranek (Kosh one) and some of Lorien.  A fierce battle takes place but, in the end, it’s all down to Kosh one and Kosh Two.  Eventually after lots of good pyrotechnics and special effects Kosh two gets coshed by Kosh one as both depart for the Vorlon spaceship. As they reached the ship it explodes…. and then there were none! I never liked those bloody Vorlons anyway.

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Sheridan & DelennAfterward, just as we’re getting our breath back, Delenn enters Sheridans quarters. Lorien is there and he tells Delenn that Sheridan only has about twenty years to live. Lorien apparently did all he could for Sheridan on Z’ha’dum but could only restore his life for a short period. Delenn is understandably very upset by this. Sheridan tries to reassure her by telling her that he wants to spend whatever time he has left with her. He gave her an engagement ring and explained its significance to humans. I’ve always complained that Delenns and Sheridans affair was as plastic as all the other TV hero/heroine love affairs, but this scene was touching and nicely done.

That b..tard Cartagia decides that he doesn’t like the way G’Kar looks at him and instructs one of the guards, after some deliberation, to ‘Pluck out G’Kars left eye’. WHAT A GIT!

Another cracking episode 31,333 out of 10!  What did you think?

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