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Caprica is the centre of the Colonial universe.Caprica is the centre of the Colonial universe. Caprica was the first of the worlds to be colonized by humans over 2000 years ago. The first city was Delphi, which serves as the cultural and historical centerpiece of the Twelve Colonies of Man.

The largest city in the colonies is Caprica City. It’s a very metropolitan place, with peoples from all over the Twelve Colonies congregating with each other. Temples’ of every deity can be found in Caprica City, even though a large chunk of Caprican’s are atheist. Capricans can be best described as the beautiful people. They are the best dressed, most charismatic and overall the best behaved of the colonies.

They are usually self-obsessed and very concerned with their image. You can always see someone jogging around to stay trim and fit. The architecture of the city is beautiful and the streets are always clean. This is a major contrast to perpetual rain and fog that surrounds the planet. If one didn’t know any better, one would swear Caprica is based off the Pacific northwest. Even Caprica City’s skyline looks at lot like Vancouver. But that must be completely coincidental. Outisde the major cities, the natural landscapes are beautiful. Million credit home adorn the mountarins and overlook blue lakes never touched by pollution. Caprica is the leader in the Colonies when it comes to information technology.

The first Cylon AI was created on Caprica, and before its nuclear Armageddon, Dr. Baltar was trying to loosen laws against intelligent computers. Caprica is the economic powerhouse of the Colonies, and most of the Corporations are headquartered there. The Colonial Capital was located outside Caprica City so it was also a major centre for politics. But don’t let this fool you, most Capricans are political ignoramuses.

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This obvious when one sees that they elected Dr. Gaius Baltar as their representative to the Quorum of the Twelve.

Race Rating – Caprica
Personality 1 (rancid butter) – 5 (cool dude) 4
Attractiveness 1 (requires paper bag) – 5 (Drop-dead-gorgeous) 5
Humour 1 (stomach-turning) – 5 (sidesplitting) 4
Dress Sense 1 (laughable) – 5 (hip) 5
Aggression 1 (big/little softy) – 5 (hard as nails) 2
1 (scumbag) – 5 (god) 5

Sad Geezer Race Rating (out of 30) = 25          

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