Demon Lord, Retry! – Review – Episode 1

I mentioned that I would be reviewing this show in my overview post on anime to watch in the 2019 Summer season. I’m not sure I should have mentioned this one though, it was a bit of a chore to watch.

The show was watchable and personally I like OP (over-the-top-powerful-and-almost-freakin’-indestructible) game player stories where they get sucked into their own game (jeez, hasn’t anyone dreamed of that!), but this gave me the impression that it was just jumping in on the bandwagon of SAO, Shield Hero, Overlord etc.

Basically, a dude (Akira) is playing a game (actually completing it for the last time as it’s being shut down), and then suddenly, he gets sucked into it.

Akira is transported into the Infinity Game

When he gets to his eventual destination, he notices he is the same character (a Demon Lord called Hocuto Kunai) that he played in the original game called ‘Infinity Game’.  He also meets up with an ‘urchin’, a much maligned little girl who was responsible for human waste disposal and rubbish collection in her village and who, most recently, was provided as a sacrificial offering to a haughty demon in the hope that it would leave the village alone.  Seriously, she is like 10 years old (or a very stunted flat chested teenager – sometimes it’s difficult to tell in anime).

Little Aku cleans the village of human waste and garbage

She tells the Demon Lord that her name is Aku.  For some reason he laughs (maybe he remembers the Samurai Jack series – lol actually, that would be funny).

Their introductions are interrupted the very high-level demon, Greole that has been causing trouble in the neighbourhood, descends and challenges our Demon Lord Kunai.

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Demon Lord Kunai Fights the Greole

The insolent Greole is dispatched quickly and the Lord and his ‘urchin’ head off to the village so that the little girl can get her stuff. It’s clear that the villagers wouldn’t want her back and their bullying, when she tries to pick up her things, annoys Kanai who promptly sets fire to their houses.

Kunai runs off with Aku after setting fire to Aku's village

The show ends there.

The graphics were ok but not brilliant (looked like they had been rushed).  The direction was ok and the voice acting was passable but not special.  This was an introductory episode and therefore difficult to get hooked by – although it was easy to watch, it was also a little boring and predictable.

I’d rate this a mediocre 5.7.  Not sure I’ll be watching the series past the obligatory episode 3.

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