Dune: People: Count Fenring

Fenring was the former ruler of Arrakis, for the Empire, at the time when it was Harkonnen quasi-fief.

Fenring was the former ruler of Arrakis, for the Empire, at the time when it was Harkonnen quasi-fief.. He and his wife created the gardens inside the Palace which eventually are the seeds for all fauna upon Rakis. Count Fenring is Shaddam’s best friend since their childhood, and one of his most trusted advisors. Fenring was sent to Arrakis to spy on the Harkonnens for the Emperor, and insure that spice production did not cease.

Count Fenring is very close to being the Kwisatz Haderach, since he lacks the chutzpah for the job. Literally, he’s a genetic mule! He is possibly the Kwisatz Haderach that the Bene Tleilax claim they once created in “Dune Messiah”.

Fernring is very intelligent and is the key planner in much of the Emperors schemes. It was Fenring who choose Perdot Kynes to be the imperial planetologist on Arrakis, so that he could discover the secrets of spice. As a back up, he orchestrated the Tleilaxu invasion of Ix, so that the Bene Tleilax could produce an artificial spice, with the Ixian resources.

Besides being intelligent and craft, Fenring is also a sneak. It well known through out the empire hat he is a master of poisons and assassination techniques. . It was Ferning who assassinated not only Shaddam’s older half-brother Fafnir, but also his father, Emperor Elrod IX, so that Shaddam could ascend to the throne faster.

Fenring is played by Miroslav Táborský.

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