Dune: Cultures: House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen
“Treacherous, Powerful, and one of the more feared of the Great Houses”

House Harkonnen has always been known as one of the most ruthless Houses in the Landsraad.  Their control of Arrakis gave them unheard of wealth, so much in fact they are among the only faction besides the Emperor himself able to afford the Guilds transport fees for moving armies.

Like the Atreides, the Harkonnen were granted Major House status following the Battle for Corrin.  Unlike the rest of the Landsraad the Harkonnen believed that the Atreides were still traitors, after all if Agamemnon had never existed, there would have been no need for the Butlerian Jihad at all.  The Harkonnen stewed on this fact for years, eventually declaring “Kanly”(Vendetta) between their two houses.

In the novels, House Harkonnen’s color was a deep blue, and their symbol was the griffin. However in the mini-series their house color was always blood red. And the bull, the sign of vigor is their idol.  In both mediums, the Harkonnens always preferred architecture of sharp angles.

The Harkonnen felt their time was right to ascend to the Lion Throne and remove both Corrino and Atreides from the picture.  After a secret pact with the Royal House Corrino against the Atreides, which for two years appeared to have eliminated the Atreides. After seemingly conquering their mortal enemy, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen moved slowly against the Empire. This plot was stopped (or rather stolen) by Paul Maud’Dib Atriedes, and their House was destroyed entirely on a single day.

Members include: Vladimir Harkonnen; Beast Rabban; Fey’d Rautha, Piter DeVries

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Race Rating – House Harkonnen
Personality 1 (rancid butter) – 5 (cool dude) 1
Attractiveness 1 (requires paper bag) – 5 (Drop-dead-gorgeous) 2
Humour 1 (stomach-turning) – 5 (sidesplitting) 3
Dress Sense 1 (laughable) – 5 (hip) 4
Aggression 1 (big/little softy) – 5 (hard as nails) 5
Social Standing 1 (scumbag) – 5 (god) 4

SadGeezer Race Rating (out of 30) = 19           

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