Dune: People: Leto Atreides

Leto (“The Just”) Atreides

Patron and Duke of House Atreides. Known for his Solomon like wisdom and a military which rivals that of the Imperial Sardaukar.He is the father of Paul Muad’Dib Atreides, and is responsible for much of his wisdom, and early compassion. His bound concubine is Lady Jessica, who he loves more then anything in the universe, save his son Paul.Before the events of Dune, Leto ascended to become Duke, after his father, Paulus, died in a freak bullfighting accident.

He later found out that the Barron Harokonnen (and his own mother!) was responsible
for his father’s assassination. At about the same time, he offered refuge to the exiled family Vernius, after their world of Ix was conquered by the Tleilaxu. He became so close the renegade family that he had a child with Princess Kailea Vernius, Victor Atreides. Victor was later assassinated.

After years of patience and planning, Leto assembled an attack on Ix to reclaim it from the Tleilaxu, for its proper owners, House Vernius.Leto is mortal enemies with Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, leader of House Harkonnen.

Their feud dates back to during the Butlerian Jihad when both families were awarded with official House status. The Emperor Shaddam the IV, fearing the Dukes rising popularity devises a plan with House Harkonnen to assassinate Leto and his family after seemingly promoting him to Governor of Arrakis in charge of the most valuable commodity in existence:

The Spice Melange. Suk Doctor Wellington Yueh betrays Leto when the doctor lowers the shields on Arrakis allowing the Imperials and Harkonnen in. Leto died in that attack. Later Leto lives again like many other males through the mind of his son Paul, and grandchild Leto II.

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Duke Leto is played superbly by William Hurt.

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