Dune: People: Vladimir Harkonnen

Barron Vladimir Harkonnen

A brilliant, totally evil man, he was once a great warrior and shockingly attractive. All the changed after he raped the Reverend Mother Mohium. During the sexual act, she inflicted him with a venereal disease that caused his body to become so fat he could no longer walk without aid, and his skin to break out with boils that burst unless constantly cared for. In his defence, he only assaulted her because she was about to blackmail him into fathering her child, for a second time! The sadistic Barron decided to have the child on his own terms the second time. The child he sired was Lady Jessica.

It’s sometimes rumored and certainly hinted at by Piter DeVries, that the Baron was also trained as a Mentat (like Paul) at birth. This would explain why he is capable of planning and manipulation beyond that of any Mentat and his later takeover of Alia.

The Barron Vladimir Harkonnen is mastered by Ian McNeice.

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